Help me decide on a new espresso machine - Leit Bianca or... ?

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I'm constantly reading pros and cons of each machine and can't come to a decision. I want to be drinking espresso sooner than later so I'm reaching out to the brains trust on which machine I should be getting. I've narrowed it down to three. Perhaps there should be another one I should look at? I'm looking at spending under $4k USD.

The Leit Bianca v2 is at the top of my list at the moment due to its features. What should I be considering or put to the top of my list?
  • Lelit Bianca V2
  • Bezzera Duo
  • Rocket R Cinquantotto (R58)

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Any other parameters?
Is flow control a necessity? Do you like light or dark roasts (both)?
Will you be planning to plumb-in?
Does the budget have to include a grinder?

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spout (original poster)

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I guess there are parameters but nothing that sets apart any of the machines, thus the choice on quality, features and price which they are all at that tier.

Is flow control a necessity?
- No. I think if it was that would put the Lelit Bianca V2 at the top of the list if it did? Why do you ask? Are there other machines with this feature?

Do you like light or dark roasts (both)?
- I'm dark roast, but I don't limit myself? Why do you ask? Does one machine better at light or dark roast?

Will you be planning to plumb-in?
- No. All of these machines don't need to be plumbed in.

Does the budget have to include a grinder?
- No.


#4: Post by Amberale »

Hi Justan.
I am in Melbourne and have recently upgraded from a Gaggia classic to a Bianca.
If you mainly drink black coffee and this will be your first machine though I recommend keeping it simple.

I reckon you should go for something like a La Pavoni pro or a Robot AND a Eureka Specialta.
This will set you back around $2kaud and set you up to make great espresso.
They look great, work very well and have a very good resale value if you decide to upgrade.
Do not discount the need for a good grinder, it is almost more important than the espresso machine itself!

It is almost impossible to find used models of these in Oz as people hold onto them.
The La Pavoni gives you the option of milk drinks as well.
The only restriction is if you need to make a lot of coffees in one go.
I doubt that this is a problem if you don't even have a machine at the moment.

Get yourself down to JetBlackEspresso in Sydney to see some machines and discuss your needs.


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I think all 3 machines are great!!
If you mostly drink dark roasts you might not notice any difference with flow control and it might actually make your learning curve more difficult, that being said it is a cool feature to have available. You can also add flow control to the Rocket but not the Duo DE, however the Duo MN will accommodate the addition of a flow control device.
Flow control is usually reserved for people who enjoy playing with light roasts.

Plumbing or pour over are options on these machines and with the Bianca you can delete the separate reservoir if you plumb the machine, making it have an even smaller footprint.

Make sure you get a good grinder, probably a large conical if you like darker roasts but would also like to experiment with lighter ones.
Bring extra Carrots, that hole looks deep!


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Make sure to consider the Breville Dual Boiler also. Truthfully the Breville will probably get you drinking good espresso and caps in the least amount of time, It's a very forgiving machine!!
Whichever one you decide, enjoy!!!
Bring extra Carrots, that hole looks deep!


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The Decent Espresso machine would be the ultimate "Mad Scientist" tool if you really wanted to Geek out on coffee though.
Bring extra Carrots, that hole looks deep!

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spout (original poster)

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I hate researching products that I have no idea about and am jumping a few levels like some of you mentioned. Totally understand the comments that have been made and came close to a Gaggia Classic Pro and Breville Dual Boiler.

With personally wanting to experiment with various types of coffee and learning more, family friends preferring a latte or cappuccino, as well as more recently a family member wanting to be a barrister I thought all of these machines would tick those boxes without thinking about an upgrade for a while.

Lelit Bianca V2 is now $4k AUD at Jetblack Espresso which seems like a good price.

I didn't want to mention grinders here but at the moment I'm looking at a Niche Zero or Sette 270Wi. I would also be happy with a manual grinder if it did the job.

Happy for any advise.


#9: Post by Amberale »

Barrister = Lawyer
Barista = coffee technician/professional.
Seriously, visit JetBlack or one of the other good espresso machine shops in Sydney and discuss your needs/desires.
Your suggestions are really good machines but might be more machine than you need.
The Niche has a great rep but is hard to get ones hands on.
I think the Eureka is a better built grinder than the Sette but lots of owners love them.

Let us know how you go.


#10: Post by Amberale »

Also, check out CoffeeSnobs.
Lots of good tips for Aussie stuff and some good used members machines.