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@Jeff I just looked over the editing again. Your right. A BIG pain. An excel spreadsheet with formulas would be the way to do it but that is going to take additional effort. I may reach out to Crem to see what they are doing.

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Just on the Crem One. I couldn't find the page to download the firmware. I only seen this post in my search. Can you download the firmware from Crem? I couldn't even find an email address to ask about the software program to edit the profiles/recipe. ... re-update/

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Just when I thought it was safe, I've found another model to consider. ... sionamenti


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It's been a month... what did you end up going with? Or still deciding?

I'm still on the fence--
Bianca seems like the "safe" bet
Crem One seems like the higher ceiling but lower floor.
My brain likes the idea of the VBM, but I just can't convince myself it's what I want.