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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by alifriesc »

I just got a a Lelit Bianca and need a new grinder because my Vario won't cut it.

I would ideally like the Atom 75 but SCG only has the 65 and 75E on open box specials so I'm debating between these two.
Atom 65 vs Olympus 75E. I prefer the small footprint and noise reduction of the 65 but if the 75E is much better with the bigger burrs I will get that. Does someone have experience with the Olympus 75E with thee stock burrs?

I also considered the Niche Zero but I want something sturdier and I want the peace of mind that I can get support if it ever fails on me. Is the Niche much better than these grinders?

Another consdieration in the Mahlkoning v30 thats in the for sale section. I'm thinking thats too much of a grinder for home use? I'm open to hearing you out.


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The 75e is like the atom 75. Difference is the body I think and the 75e is a bit noisy. Tbh it is something I do not notice because grind times are very quick! 18g in 3.55-65 seconds. I started noticing how noisy it was when I got my e65s but that said I think you will love the 75e. I have the stock burrs btw :)


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The Olympus 75 is more commercial than the Atom. More grind retention, noisier, bigger and faster. A great grinder nonetheless.

You can see the amount of grind retention for the olympus in this thread :
Cleaning the Eureka Olympus 75HS

The Atom 65 was considered as one of the very good grinder for home use (low retention, silent, excellent grind quality) until Eureka came out with the 75 burrs, the Specialty. Since it can even be ordered with SSP red speed burrs, it's hard to match the burr size, low retention, singe dosing capabilities, smallish footprint and noise level at it's price point.

I would personally prefer the 75 mm burrs but after using commercial grinders for home needs in the last 3 years before moving to a "sturdy :mrgreen: " little Niche Zero, I would NEVER go back. But that's just me.

If it comes down to these 2, the Atom 65 would be my choice. I would simply align the burrs to make sure I get the most out of it and not look back.

The K30 and the Olympus are simply too "commercial" from my experience. Others might disagree.

The NZ is fantastic though. Single dosing is easy and now, I can't even imagine going back to a traditional hopper grinder. I'd also be less afraid of dropping it vs dropping a Eureka grinder... Lots of unboxing comments on how better and sturdier it feels and look than it was expected. If you mainly drink light roasts, you could eventually suffer from upgradeitis to a single dosing big flat burr grinder... but this seems to be a severely contagious disease with only one known remedy!

Other options to consider:
- You could go down the rabbit hole and align your Vario: The Alicorn: Achieving Precision Alignment with the Baratza Forté/Vario

- It might help while waiting for another grinder (i.e. Specialty 75, Niche Zero, Monoflat or the very promising and soon to be ready, Lagom P64 flat).

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I also have a Niche Zero. Have been using it daily for the past 2 months. It's very well built and works flawlessly. At its price I would imagine you'd have a hard time besting it. The manufacturer and designer in England is very responsive if you ever run into a problem as unlikely as that is in my view.


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Thank you for your replies. I've narrowed it down between the Niche Zero and Atom 65

Atom wins in sturdiness, brand recognition, looks, ability to dose directly into portafilter.

Niche wins in retention and ease of cleaning.

Anybody here who has owned both?


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I didn't think much of the Niche cup at first but, like most people, I'm really liking it now. You can always get a Decent portafilter stand or have 3D printed one made if you're not a fan after trying it.

I'd say the Atom gives you the ability to single dose (one of the low retention grinders out there) or use with a hopper. Sturdiness, I'd give it to the NZ but we're just splitting hairs here.

Plenty of reviews and feedbacks on both grinders out there. My only question mark with the Atom is, again, burrs alignment. Grind quality suffers more with flat burrs vs conical. If you can find information or alignment mods for it, that'd help the decision. At least, it would for me.

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alifriesc wrote: Atom wins in sturdiness, brand recognition, looks, ability to dose directly into portafilter.
I'm not sure what makes the Atom 'sturdier'. I haven't owned it, but looking at it I see way more parts than a Niche, plus an LCD screen and associated electronics which are all more things to go wrong. The Niche is solid and, crucially, simple. And about half the price of the Atom.


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As the owner of both the Robur and Mignon Specialita...

I was shocked to see that there is a big difference in both flavour and even grind volume in the basket.

The flavour profiles will be quite different and obvious.

A conical grinds both finer and coarser, releasing more flavours but also bitterness and acid. The Specialita may extract as much or more but has arguably less flavour but less bitterness with its 55mm flat burrs. The conical gives a nicer crema during pour and is more consistent in shot to shot times.

The volume of the grind in the basket after tamping is noticeably LESS with the Specialita.

The differences are quite big and noticeable but it is up to the user to work out for themselves whether this is good or bad.