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Hi there,

If they do decide to go the ESE route then maybe look at getting a machine from a firm that has a proprietory alternative portafilter. Just as an example, Bezzera make a fairly high grade (though not pro-sumer) switchable machine, the Hobby, where you can use the alternative portafilters for normal shots or ESE shots. You would need to buy whichever other portafilter separately should you wish to be able to switch, but that shouldn't be too much. My thinking here is that the money should buy a reasonable quality straight shot maker that can then be easily "converted" for their needs.

If the milk frothing learning curve is an issue then a stand alone frother might be of use to them - nemox, amongst others, make one. Lastly the pads could be stored in a vacuvin storage jar where the air can be pumped out for vacuum storage using the standard vacuvin hand pump.

Hope that helps,
Peter Kilpatrick