Help Choosing Next Grinder (Lagom P64 or Lucca Atom 75)

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Hello everyone!

I got into espresso at the beginning of the year, and it's safe to say I caught the bug. Currently, I'm working with a Niche Zero and Breville Bambino Plus. I'm able to pull some pretty decent shots and make nice latte's, but have begun planning for the "end game" upgrade (at least I hope :lol: ). I enjoy the niche but I'm very interested in the extra brightness and sweetness the world of flat burrs offers since I mainly go for medium-light roasts.

I make 2 drinks a day (with an occasional afternoon double) and sometimes have guests over which of course increases that number. I originally was eyeing the P64, but the few times I've had guests the whole single dosing thing felt less glamorous than when only making 2 shots in the morning. Plus, I usually stick to one bag at a time. All that being said, I'm not opposed to single dosing as its very much mindless routine now.

Between the option o Lagom P64 (most likely HU Burrs since I only drink espresso based drinks) and Lucca Atom 75 as an on demand grinder, is there going to be a noticeable difference in the cup that should sway me one way or another - or should I just pick based on convenience?

Thanks in advance everyone and happy holidays!

PS - With the grinder upgrade I'll either be going for the Bianca v3 or Sanremo YOU, but that's a whole other discussion that my wallet isnt yet ready for :mrgreen: