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Hello, I have been in the process of opening a small roasting business, and needed to acquire a decent grinder. I narrowed my options to a used Bunn G3 or a used Grindmaster 890, and decided to go with the Grindmaster 890. I have been reading some conflicting information, but the consensus is that the burrs in the 890 are a major upgrade from the 875, "European Precision Cutting Burrs". Some have said that the 890 is better than the stock Bunn and even rivals the Bunnzilla.

All that said, I haven't received my 890 yet, so I'll have to test that out when it arrives.

Meanwhile, I still wanted to get some opinion from those of you who may have owned or still own a Grindmaster 890. How have you been making out with it? Is it a workhorse like most of the information says? Have you tested this grinder with all of the grind settings, from course through Turkish? How does it fare with the finest settings?

Lastly, I was wondering if anyone has tried modding/upgrading the 890? Specifically, are there any burr sets out there that fit the 890 that are better than the OEM burrs that came with it?

Are there any other mods that make the 890 much better than stock?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much.


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The geometry of the stock burrs are really similar to Mahlkönig Guatemala 71mm. It is probability OEMed by Ditting. And it is a top pick burr set on the market for dripping coffee.

Because it is for dripping coffee, it doesn't work for Turkish or Espresso. The pressure won't build up around 9 Bars for Espresso and you might damage the burrs if you wanna try Turkish.

I love this beast personally, but it is too noisy and way too huge for some people. It would be a good idea to put it under the bar dest.

mrapino (original poster)

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You mentioned 71mm in your reply. Some of the information that I found places the burrs for the 890 at somewhere around 86 mm. Do you know if this is correct?


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Yes, it's around 86mm. What I meant is that the geometry of GM890 stock burr set are really like that of Guatemala 71mm. Since it is larger, it is reasonable to believe that it is superior to Guatemala 71mm. And I do enjoy the drip coffee from it.


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Check this link out

The Grindmaster 890
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I have been taking my 890 apart and cleaning it. My spout flap has a broken piece of black spring steel. I was hoping you might be able to send a photo of what it is supposed to look like? Parts Town has the part, but their photo shows the holes where the spring steel should be as empty holes without rivets. Do I need the spring steel? I don't know what it is supposed to do.