Grinder Upgrade: Niche Zero or something else?

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I'm in the market to upgrade my grinder. Right now the Sette 270 is what I plan on getting as it would be used for espresso and I would keep my current grinder, Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder, for drip. However, after some more research I'm really tempted to keep saving for a little longer and go with the Niche Zero. I single dose for all of my coffee and from what I can tell the Niche would easily be able to be used for both espresso and drip. The zero retention is a big plus too. Whatever I get will be my grinder for a long time so I want something that can last me a long time. My current machine is a Breville Infuser and don't plan on upgrading the machine for a few years. At that point, if I could swing it I'd probably consider something like the Appartamento. Would the Niche Zero be a good investment or should I go with something from Eureka? Would the 270 last me a long time for espresso and this save money? My budget would be around $400-$750. I love the fact that I can have one grinder for everything but I would be ok with a solid espresso grinder and keep my current one for drip. Thanks!

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I have an Infuser and a Niche.

Prior to getting the Niche I ran a two grinder setup, with a Mignon Specialita for espresso and a Capresso Infinity for v60/French press.
The Niche will work as a do-it-all grinder but to me it's a compromise. In my experience, the trade-off with saving a little bit of counter space is that the Niche seems to require more frequent cleaning relative to other grinders I own. Sure, one can switch the grind settings frequently on the Niche but I'm starting to think that the grinder doesn't 'like' doing this, particularly when going from coarser to finer. I worry about how that will impact the longevity of the grinder, as there it hasn't been out in the real world long enough for anyone to know how these hold up over, say, 10 or 15 years.

I think a dedicated espresso grinder is best, with a second grinder for medium/coarse. So whatever you decide to upgrade to, consider hanging on to the Bodum if you're happy with it for drip. My current place has a pretty small kitchen with limited counter space, so I will continue to rely on the Niche for everything, but with a larger kitchen I would certainly be back to a two grinder setup.


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I have the Niche and it is great for espresso. It would also be fine for pour-overs. It would be somewhat of a pain if doing bigger batches of coffee for drip machine like a Moccamaster.

In my house, the wife use the 15 year old Macap M4 for drip and I use the Niche for espresso. Everyone is happy and we are not always changing grind settings all over the place.

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...I would be ok with a solid espresso grinder and keep my current one for drip.
That's the way to go. I used to have one grinder and it was a PITA when I used it for pour-over and then had to dial back in for espresso. Perhaps if one isn't picky about shot times it would work, but I find I'm always making subtle adjustments to my grinder as beans age and bigger adjustments when I change beans. I now have two electric grinders and two hand grinders. Each one is set for a different machine. Bliss!