Grinder upgrade from Mazzer Super Jolly?

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Hi All, I am upgrading my machine to either the LM Micra or Mini eventually. I currently have 2 Mazzer Super Jolly's, one for espresso and one for french press. They are very good grinder I think and in excellent shape. But I see alot of these new styles out there now for single dose. I am thinking of making mine both doserless with the funnel and that seems quite easy to do as I have all the equipment and that is an option for me.

Or should I look to upgrade to a better or different grinder? I have never used a LM machine and I do not know if the SJ will be a good fit for it or not? Any insight will be appreciated.



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Super Jolly's are very good grinders. I always single dosed on mine, no big deal. If you want to upgrade grind quality without spending a ton on new grinders, you can simply upgrade burrs with any one of a number of options these days.

I went from a SJ to a Fiorenzato Doge Conical, and it was an amazing upgrade for my needs. I know everyone is all about the big flats these days, but the big conical burrs are better for my needs, and extremely forgiving. The K10 WBC and monolith conical use the same burrs. They make dialing in different coffees a breeze.

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If you want to get into single dosing or are feeling the upgrade need, there are infinite upgrade paths from doserless conversions, upgraded burrs, or new grinders. But there is every reason to believe the SJs you have will do a good job with any capable espresso machine including the LM ones you mention.

I don't think anyone believes the Super Jollys are deficient. They are simply older in style, so in comparison as a new purchase today they are less competitive at their price point.
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I was really impressed with the Micra. It did a great job with my $400-ish Lagom Mini as well as a LeverCraft Ultra and Bentwood. If you like the coffee you're getting from the SJ, I don't see a reason to upgrade because of buying a new machine. An SJ in hand is also a great way to try out some other 64 mm burrs, if you decide you want to explore. The better 64 mm burr sets are usually a bit under $200 and sell used for close to that if you decide you don't like the ones you tried.

If you decide you want a smoother workflow, there are a range of mods that help a bit. From there I'd probably move burrs I like over to a P64, or go with a P100 or Bentwood, depending on your tastes. Maybe keep your eyes open for a great deal on a used one while you enjoy your new machine and perhaps are trying out different burrs in your SJ.

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Thanks and I will look into that. I ordered parts to make it doserless with a funnel. I ordered stock burrs but will check out to see what is available for them.