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To be honest I've had mine for 2 years. I was getting heavy thick chocolate extractions. It would be frustrating to pull a fantastic shot then the next one would choke or run fast.
I really started to learn my machine and my technique.
I started throwing a few been in morning to get old out.
I changed to the SSP speed burrs and couldn't be happier. Brighter and sweeter still thick extractions. I only drink espresso.
I started wdt & rdt. Usually spot on less than .0-.5 grams retenion.

And frankly am I in the same boat. I've look compak pk100 to tall
Bentwood v63
Malkonig 65gbw I really like by the way. Just to big of footprint.
The available grinders nothing is that much better than what I have.
I say all that to say I've some up and down moment but some of that is on me. I went from a breville all in one. To a ceado and la Marzocco GS3. But I have had fun learning along the way.
Good luck

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For comparison, my Niche Zero is within 0.1 g, as is my Bentwood (puffer, medium-light or lighter, RDT only with Bentwood). Remember also that in-vs-out is not retention. With classic designs you're often extruding coffee through a tube or that caught behind a declumper not actually clearing the grind chamber and pathway. You can have 0.1 g variability and still have 5 g of retention.

(The Bentwood is a very good grinder for lighter roasts, but I think one of the others is better matched to your needs at a lower price.)


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Try the niche zero first. You could sell at no loss later and go the lagom p64 route with the standard burrs.
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Mashie wrote:Looking at Ceado E37SD. Any thoughts?
Too weak a motor. Get the E8D or the 37T for Ceado.

Otherwise if you liked the Mazzer mini, maybe look at the Mazzer royal. 83mm, 900w, 900rpm. Great specs. Great value too.