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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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erik82 wrote:A friend of me has a E37Z and it has nothing but problems and service from Ceado is crap. Also the minimum rpm of 600 is pretty high for a grinder with variable rpm.

I'd say a Ditting 804/807 Lab Sweet if you want the best grinder for both pourover and espresso. I also love my EG-1 which I have for over 2 years but if I'd had to make a choice now I'd take the lab sweet. 98mm is also very nice but for a total package I do prefer 80mm burrs.

What problems has your friend encountered with the E37Z? And what did you or your friend experience from Ceado service that was crap? I am considering getting the Hero as Ceado E37S has been an incredible grinder for me.

Thank you for any insight.


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It kept clogging up and stalling every couple of shots thus having a lot of retention. Ceado gave him every stupid advice as yoyu shouldn't grind that light roast, not freeze your beans etc. In the end nothing helped and he didn't get a replacement.


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victoor wrote:Thanks for the advice guys.

EG-1 and also Ceado's E37Z are fantastic beasts.

However i live in Europe so shipping cost and import duties make them alittle out of my reach.

This is why i was considering the EK43S in the first place.

Anyone with experience with an Eureka or Macap ?
If you like something. Save a little more and get it. Nothing worse than upgraditis.

E37Z Hero is definitely my next and only grinder I would consider. For me of course.


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You would not pay VAT if you are importing from Germany to the US. You pay customs / duty and local taxes.

myso wrote:Curious how much one of these would cost to you in total, if it's still in your price range, and how long the waiting time is.
Frank mentioned that the base price was expected to be below 3000€ ex-VAT. ~3600€ with German VAT.
(Titus Nautilus).
In retrospect and ek43s with Titus burr carrier will cost around 3100€.

@MTN Gert

You are making a claim that the motors on ceado Z's are more robust than other single dosing grinders. That includes 15+ grinders.
(As per "HB's Guidelines for productive online discussion") can you elaborate and substantiate your claim?

I think Z naked is listed at 4100€ (~5000usd) and z hero at 5350€ (~6500usd) on this side of the ocean.

Considering customs fees for non EU made single dosing grinders (Kafatek, LWW, Ultra etc.) Titus seems like a valid contender. Added cost over ek43 seems to remedy all the headaches and PITAs (alignment and workflow etc) that you would have with the ek43.


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What roast level do you prefer for espresso? That will help with recommendations.

climb8000 wrote:Hi, I'm new to the forum and am in the same conundrum. I'm totally overhauling my home espresso gear (handed down Cimbali Junior and Bartaza Vario). I've settled on an E1 Prima but I haven't nailed down the grinder. While I'd love a Titus Nautilus at some stage, I'd like a daily driver workhorse for now. I'd go beyond $3,500 for the highest quality machine. My focus for the grinder is espresso. Short list: Compak PKF, Mahlkonig E80, VA Mythos II. Leaning towards the PKF. Any thoughts? Thank you!
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I have a Macap MC6. Not in the range you are looking to spend, but I love it. Super heavy duty, easy to take apart and clean. And it is about $1100. I can't imagine how good they can make one for 3500