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Recommendations for espresso equipment buyers and upgraders.
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#11: Post by jchung »

Get a Niche Zero if you can wait for delivery. Its right in your price range, including shipping. Its not much bigger than a Baratza Vario. ITs much quieter than the 270. Its not as fast, but it can reliably switch grind settings from espresso to french press and back. I am always switching between setting 2, 15, and 30 on the niche zero. Working my way through old stale beans in milk drinks (setting 2. yes... I'm being too frugal. hopefully won't have to do that for too much longer), fresh beans for straight espresso or an americano (setting 15), and pour overs (setting 30). There is a bit of a routine when switching grind settings, mostly just changing settings in multiple steps. At very fine grind settings (setting 2), there seems to be considerably more retention (my experience) but easily dealt with by changing grind settings coarser then finer in steps. Usually seems to get the rest of the grinds out that way. Grind cup works fine for the pour over. Lots of people like the grind cup for espresso. I grind directly into the PF for espresso myself. The Niche Zero has replaced my Mazzer Major Doserless, Mazzer SJ doser, and Baratza Vario. ... ee-grinder#/


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#12: Post by slipchuck »

New burrs for the super jolly and a sette with brew burrs

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#13: Post by mivanitsky »

Unless you want to move seriously upmarket, I would consider SSP burr upgrade to your SJ, and aligning it well for espresso. A refurbished Vario with brew burrs would be appropriate for the pourover.


#14: Post by wito »

nah going with the Niche grinder, the reviews are way to good to not try it
the burrs are 5 months old and the grinder was really nice combined with my old la pavoni, but now it just doesnt feel good


#15: Post by msdbj »

I have a Ceado e5p and it's terrific.


#16: Post by Rytopa »

Upgrade the super jolly with SSP 64mm brew burrs.. these burrs are seriously impressive at brew.. crazy clarity. It's able to do ekpresso style coffee at the finest's like a mini ek43 without the crazy price tag.