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I have been brewing espresso for 9+ years with Rancilio Silvia and Baratza Preciso. Silvia has been rock solid; I had to do some repairs on my Preciso (motor, drive gear, adjustment ring and burr holder). I am not finding that I am in the lowest/finest setting for grinding and I am not getting good espresso (timing for one, shot comes a little too fast). Considering the burrs have not been replaced, I suspect burrs need replacement.

However, instead of burr replacement I am considering buying a new grinder and maybe giving this grinder to a family member who does drip or french press. Looking for advice on pairing the grinder with this espresso machine please. I was considering Sette 270 but would love to hear your thoughts. Baratza support/service has been excellent and would love to stick with them but it's not a requirement. No specific budget restrictions but also don't want to buy a 50,000 grinder and pair it with a Silvia :) You get what I mean. Thanks!!


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The Sette 270 is one of the best values for a true espresso only grinder. If you like the support, don't mind the noise (it's loud), go for it.

They pop up on the buy/sell forum here from time to time.

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Hi, thanks for the response. I only make 2 shots a day. I don't think noise is an issue. However, I would much prefer a grinder that's rock solid in reliability to a grinder made from a company with great customer service even though the great CS is nice. What are my alternatives in the 400 to 600 range? I am in the US (North Carolina).


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There's a few other grinders in the $400 - $600 range, though I have no experience.

As far as being "rock solid", a new Sette 270, or even used from last few years, should not have issues. No more than any other grinder.

You might consider a hand grinder. Something like the Comandante C40 or 1Zpresso.


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I second the suggestion for a hand grinder. I have a 1zpresso JX Pro and it is ideal for espresso. The large burrs let you grind pretty fast and I think for 2 espressi a day hand grinding is no problem. And I could not imagine a 1zpresso grinder failing in any way.
In your case I would go with a JX Pro and maybe save the rest for a large flat burr grinder or machine upgrade in the future.
Or even better, use it on great beans ;)


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Don't get a Sette, suck, had 4 from launch and replacements lol, dying, self destructing, parts blowing and motor, gear assembly stripped and who knows what else I'm forgetting, one I literally rebuilt entirely as they sent everything from motor to grind assembly and it still sucked they took it back and agreed something was wrong and sent another grinder and we'll..... Lol. I was even sent the BG originally for testing before they launched that, that sucks as well (my other Vario has steel burrs and that's damn near on par with SSP Monolith for pour over). Imo my old Preciso back in the day was easily better than Sette, the burr set was clearly better for espresso and brew. Both my Varios pimp slapped the Sette(s) 270 in cup and still have both those grinders 10 years later and other grinders.

Go Vario minimum. Plus new one has the metal internals and easier aligning. I have a DF64 as well also aligned about as perfect as possible, the Vario still wins even for single dosing with flap in chute flipped. Both are in that price range and I have both, Vario is better, you can do SSP with DF but that's meaningless to me with other grinders and depends on what type of brews you enjoy, and pry why people have been unhappy with SSP Dfs even on FB as they likely bought wrong burr for what their doing (which you can blame on the ridiculous changes and naming and now Option is calling some sets different?). Years ago I did SSP in a SJ and that's all it was, just ordered SSP not having to figure out 6+ different burrs.

Used Sette(s) on GS3, CC1, Lucca M58 and it was mehhh at best on all 3 vs other grinders

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Thanks, interesting idea. BTW I roast my own beans with a home roaster :)


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I would say skip the child's play grinders mentioned and get a killer hand grinder. Best grinder I've ever used period (and definitely the last I'll ever need) is the Helor 106. Can't imagine any grinder truly being better or even needing to be if possible.


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Honestly I had a voodoo modded Pharos and HG1 and got rid of both, may depend on if hand grinding is for you. I found the HG1 just sitting and even used Vario over it so sold it. Hand grinding just isn't for me, especially if few people over lol.


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Can agree although I decided not to even waste time/$ on the Pharos as it's just too far from being really complete for heavy daily use. I look fwd to hand grinding and do a fair share. OP mentioned just 2 extractions daily, which would be a breeze for a quality hand grinder.