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#11: Post by mckolit »

I say pair your Silvia up with a Rocky. Here's a thread on an updated stepless mod.
Updated stepless Rancilio Rocky grinder


#12: Post by cmin » replying to mckolit »

That would be big step backwards. I did stepless mod to a Rocky years and years ago and both my SJ and Vario were still better. I don't see the point in buying one now period or even doing that mod when there are other grinders available just flat out better and easier to single dose (heck the Vario with flap flipped is even easier than Monolith Flat single dosing and spot on, Df64 is still kinda wonky single dosing).

They finally updated Silvia with Pro, no clue why they sell or more so why people buy the Rocky. Be like buying a 80s/90s car today with that build quality and performance against current crop lol.

If you still owned a Rocky from way back would make more sense (still better than the wide steps stock), but to buy one and try to mod would be a big step backwards.

espressocon (original poster)

#13: Post by espressocon (original poster) »

How reliable or durable are these hand grinders, specifically the JX Pro?
Marmot wrote:I second the suggestion for a hand grinder. I have a 1zpresso JX Pro and it is ideal for espresso. The large burrs let you grind pretty fast and I think for 2 espressi a day hand grinding is no problem. And I could not imagine a 1zpresso grinder failing in any way.
In your case I would go with a JX Pro and maybe save the rest for a large flat burr grinder or machine upgrade in the future.
Or even better, use it on great beans ;)

espressocon (original poster)

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Also a quick update. I opened up the grinder and it turns out that the burr holder is busted! :) It's a relatively cheap repair but the burr holders are out of stock and I didn't stock a spare..

I might still interested in a hand grinder like JX Pro.


#15: Post by cmin » replying to espressocon »

Common. I don't know how you went that long on one though. I and basically every other Preciso owner back in day replaced the burr holder 1-2x a year. I use to keep a bag of those around. If even a hairline almost unnoticeable crack, will throw grind off due to stress tension.

espressocon (original poster)

#16: Post by espressocon (original poster) » replying to cmin »

Oh I had replaced burr holders in the past. I was just saying that I should have stocked a spare when the last one broke.


#17: Post by Marmot »

When you hold a 1zpresso hand grinder in your hand you immediately realize how well built they are. I can not imagine how you could break it even with throwing it around.
I also think the 1zpresso grinders probably have less play in the burrs than electrical conical grinders. I don't know about the Sette 270 but the Bezzera BB005 I have seems to not be built as precise.

espressocon (original poster)

#18: Post by espressocon (original poster) » replying to Marmot »

Placed an order for a JX Pro :) I will also order the burr holders so I have both. Why not.

espressocon (original poster)

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A quick update and also want to thank everyone for your advice. I got the 1zpresso JX pro. It took me few tries to dial in the grind setting but man oh man the espresso from my Silvia is just fantastic!! I found that 15 plus 2 clicks is the sweet spot for the current beans (home roasted to medium). This is a keeper for sure :)


#20: Post by Marmot »

I'm glad you are happy as well with the JX Pro.
I got it mostly because I wanted a large conical burr set to compare to the flat burr grinders I have. I did not test it for filter coffee yet but it really works great for espresso.
I usually give the beans a little spray of water so there is not so much static charge in the grounds bin.
If you ever get lazy you could try using the grinder with an electric drill but for me about one minute of grinding is ok.