Grinder recommendation around/below $1,500 budget

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by NickR »

Machine: ECM Classika. I prefer to single-dose. Looking to correct persistent channeling that has been occurring in my last post, hoping a grinder may fix my woes since I've tried everything else.

Looking to buy from US distributor for warranty purposes. DF64 is, therefore, unfortunately, probably not in my market.

Thanks very much to all!


#2: Post by megamixman »

It looks like espresso outlet is a US distributor for the DF64, no? ... o-grinder/

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#3: Post by SandraF »

Buy an Eureka Atom 75 Specialita. Very quiet, fast (3.25 seconds to grind 20g of beans from a dead start), fluffy grounds. ... f=grinders

NickR (original poster)

#4: Post by NickR (original poster) »

Hey Sandra! Thanks. I actually have been pretty hot on the Atom 75. Only thing making me balk is the retention ... I am a single-doser and would want to use it that way. Any experience with it there? Thanks!!


#5: Post by SandraF »

@NickR - it is BAD for single dosing. It does help if you drop your measured beans into the hopper with the motor already on. I didn't want to waste beans so I didn't try this with many beans.

I got an email from Eureka after asking where I could buy the soon to be released Single Dose Oro Mignon grinder. They said I'd find out "in a few weeks". So don't know the cost or who,in the US, will sell it.

NickR (original poster)

#6: Post by NickR (original poster) »

Very interesting! So, maybe I should hold out for that... I guess my question is simply put-do you recommend the Atom for someone who prefers to single-dose light roasted espresso?


#7: Post by SandraF »

@NickR - Quick answer is No. It is not a good single dose espresso grinder.

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NickR (original poster)

#8: Post by NickR (original poster) »

I see, thank you. I have seen something about a "blow up system" though but I can't seem to find a place to buy it. It seems to resolve the single dosing issue. Aside from it, if you don't rec the Atom, what would you personally buy? Thanks!


#9: Post by SandraF »

@NickR - according to many, their blowup system does not work enough to call the Atom 75 a single doser. If y9u do an online search you'll find James Hoffman do a review. He wasn't impressed.


#10: Post by YeetSkeeterson »

I for one am waiting for the Eureka Oro, single dose grinder... Let's hope it's within this budget.