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#1: Post by jvarghese91 »

Getting back into espresso and just bought a Rancilio Silvia machine (without PID). I had a Breville espresso express machine for years and that worked well for what it was. I haven't received my shipment yet for the new machine, but I was looking into a decent quality grinder to get started. I am looking into used grinders and came across this one on marketplace. Was looking for some information if anyone can help on grinder ID and whether it could produce decent espresso with new burrs or minimal refurbs. I am looking to keep my budget below $250 if possible, as money is tight and I would likely upgrade within the next year. The grinder posted would cost less than $100 and is functioning, per the seller. Any tips or potential pitfalls to avoid would be appreciated.


#2: Post by NicoNYC »

That grinder looks like a Rossi RR45, was also rebadged under the Brasilia brand and possibly other names. I have no firsthand experience with it, but as I understand is a reliable grinder that is absolutely usable for espresso. 64mm burrs, stepped. $100 is a steal for any espresso-capable grinder in running condition, and if need be you can pick up new burrs for under $50. It's an old model that has been around for a long time, so there's plenty of info on here and other forums about it.
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