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#11: Post by Jonk »

It seems that durability on the Sette is not a question about if it fails, but how long it takes for the plastic drivetrain to completely wear out. Pity when it has many other things going for it.


#12: Post by boren »

Baratza changed the design of the gearbox with the 270Wi. I have this grinder for 2 years and grind about 5 shots a day and haven't had any issues. If I ever do, a replacement gearbox is inexpensive and can be replaced by the user. I don't worry about this one bit and would not replace my Sette with any other grinder in the same budget (I actually can't find grinders I would prefer for twice the money).

And yes, it's noisy. Nothing is perfect, but the 270Wi is damn close in my book.

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#13: Post by Nate42 »

The Baratza grinders really are the closest thing I am aware of to what you are looking for. My dad owns a sette for several years that as far as I know has given him no issues. It makes good espresso, I prefer my preciso for brew though. I own a preciso and I've had to replace the plastic burr carriers a few times. Ditto with an encore that I used to co own with some coworkers at the office. I ended up just giving it to the last remaining co-owner when I left the company, he still uses it. Its not a great grinder, but its still going.

Baratza grinders do have fail points but parts also are cheap to replace and have good customer support, which goes a long way to make up for it.

Alternatively, if you can tolerate single dosing Niche Zero is a great choice. It's really at a price/performance sweet spot in my opinion.