Grinder for less than $900 budget for La Marzocco GS3 MP & Linea Mini

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#1: Post by SurJones »

I have a GS3MP and the company I'm being hired to train said I could pick up a grinder "on them". So Im looking for a low volume maybe 30 drinks and under per day and well I only do 2 :)

So again grinder for less than $900 for GS3 MP & Linea Mini

Appreciate it!

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#2: Post by Coffeechiro »

Pico or niche zero.

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#3: Post by Jeff »

Also consider Option-O Lagom Mini or forthcoming Casa. Price and performance of the Casa is not known yet.

Edit: The Mini is a good personal/pair grinder, but not built for more than a few shots at a time.

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#4: Post by Therethere »

I wouldn't single dose 30 shots a day...

Maybe a Eureka Atom 60?

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#5: Post by scott2s »

A used Mahlkonig K30 with a short hopper would be perfect. Quiet, 65mm, can handle 30 shots no problem.

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#6: Post by arishmawy »

I remember a time when a Compak K10 used to cost $900 new, how times change