Grinder for high end espresso machine

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#1: Post by Vincere »

Hello, my current set up is a comandante mk4 red click with a gaggia classic pro

I am looking to purchase an end high machine like an eagle 1 or slayer or YOU

Now my question is, will my comandante hand grinder be good enough for those machine?


#2: Post by Ad-85 »

I have Comandante mk3 paired with the Gawoody 100 RPM motor and they pull decent shots on my CT2. However, my shots on the Max are way better (with the Comandante shots are good but there is a weird taste which I don't like and I find that taste in most coffees - probably just my grinder or something else tho). Last time I did a comparison between them was 2 days ago with the same washed Guatemalan beans. If you're willing to go all in for the machine then I'd say that the grinder is more important and there are plenty of choices: Max - Lagom ..etc.
ps. Helor 106 produced tastier espressos than my Comandante .
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