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Hey y'all!

I'm about 6 months down the coffee rabbit hole, having found that I can, indeed, make some coffee that has some flavor. I love using a V60 and the workflow of making this my morning brew. I've never really been an espresso guy, and while my interest is somewhat piqued in that area, I primarily want to be able to make extremely good filter brew first.

So, having read many other posts, I posit this question: What, in your opinion, is a very good grinder that will provide amazing results for filter? I don't care whether it will make "ok espresso." I have no espresso gear. Manual, electric, you name it, I'm interested. I don't want to go overboard but fortunately have the funds to go as far as an EG-1 for home use, but I feel as I'm new, still learning to taste, a jump from my current Baratza Virtuoso to an EG-1 is probably a little much.

However, I can't help at this stage but feel I may be hindered by my grinder right now. I've experimented with variables, changing (as best I can), one variable at a time. Water, most especially (I'm now using Third Wave), but different temps as well. Darker roasts tend to be more forgiving for me, and I can obtain sweetness and some clear notes, but with lighter roasts, trying to use high temp quality water, with multiple different grind sizes, I still can't get to a point where I'm satisfied. Namely, I can get some flavor notes, aroma, but ALWAYS, with astringency and dryness with the light roasts.

I've therefore concluded that my grinder could be hindering my experience (provided I have good water, and my technique and ability to taste is at least at this point improved enough to know how to dial things in).

So, what thoughts folks? If you were going full V60 and sometimes French press, what grinder would you jump to or recommend?

Thanks a bunch!



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get the fellow ode, with the ssp brew burrs its pretty capable. Or the Option-O Lagom P64 with the same burrs, both look great on the counter

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#3: Post by MB »

On your current grinder you might want to try a higher dose of beans and a coarser grind to address some of the issues you are getting. Then if that doesn't help, the Ode.
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Ode with ssp sounds like a reasonable choice.


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If you're going to spend EG-1 money, I have the Titus Nautilus and it's wonderful for filter


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Another Fellow Ode vote - also 15% off right now.

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#8: Post by Jeff001 »

You have a bunch of choices, it just depends on your price range

Baratza vario with steel burrs ~400-500
Orphan espresso apex (a big hand grinder with ghost burrs) 500
Baratza forte BG (Steel burrs) 850-1000
Mahlkonig Tanzania 1500-2000
Mahlkonig Guatemala 2000ish
Ditting Lab Sweet - they seem to vary wildly in price, from 2000 up

I've made my journey through grinders starting with a cheap amazon grinder, virtuoso+, forte BG, Tanzania and finally an eg-1 which I plan on keeping. Honestly all of the grinders were good, the Tanzania seemed to have too many fines but that might've just been an issue with mine. If you're not a complete nutcase I'm sure any of those grinders would do. Unfortunately for my wallet, my descent into coffee madness led me to the eg-1

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Yeah, I think I'm already madman. I think my descent has just begun, and I've seen, read, and listened to so many reviews of different grinders. But no one, with the exception of Michaelcoffee (I think that's the name?) has discussed just what is ideal for filter brews. I'm willing to spend the dough on something that can give me clarity without the harsh astringency. I do like good body, texture from time to time with darker roasts, but I'm super interested in learning to taste and appreciate lighter roasts as well. So I'm looking for something to help provide me with that clarity and also help me extract those great difficult-to-extract flavors from the light roasts. If the Ode can do that I'm willing to try.

Seems The Monolith is generally meant for espresso first, but the, possibly with the exception of the MC4? I'm interested to see what y'all's opinions on THE grinder for filter.



#10: Post by yvrdennis »

For filter coffee I've been through 3 grinders with a couple of different burrs. IMO, in increasing level of better pour over they are:

Fiorenzato f4 with stock burrs.
Niche Zero
Fiorenzato f4 with ssp brew burrs
Lagom P64

What I'm getting from that is that for my taste flat is better than conical, and bigger and better aligned is better than smaller and less well aligned. I'm very impressed with the Lagom, but in his recent review James Hoffman said the bigger, more expensive grinders were better, but not by much. I think it's get the biggest, best flat you can afford. When I got the P64 I considered the Monolith and the Levercraft, but I just couldn't quite stomach the cost, so my sweet spot is the P64.

Another option is getting a cheaper grinder and upgrading the burrs. The improvement on the f4 in going to ssp brew burrs was pretty significant.