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Great choice. I have one with those burrs and have been trying to recommend it for people looking for an end game filter grinder for a while now. One note - pretty sure the blind burrs they are working on are only for espresso burrs. They would not be for the filter burrs you mention.

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Yeah, I think you're right. I kept drooling over IG posts of Titus, and I think what I saw was naked burrs he sets up for EK-43 specifically. Can't wait for my baby.....I've had way too much caffeine. And I feel I can make tasty coffee with a Virtuoso (albeit still somewhat muddy), can't wait to see what kind of clarity I can get out of the Nautilus.

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If you don't want to go overboard, get a Commandante C40 Nitroblade handgrinder.

I am doing my own tests vs a Lagom P64 unimodal and while I cannot provide a definitive answer yet, the quality/price ratio seems impossible to beat.

If I had the money and wanted to go overboard, I'd want to try the ditting lab sweet
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Too late. I already went overboard, and my Titus Nautilus just shipped today! I'm eagerly sitting on the edge of my seat to start working with it.

I saw an IG post last night that confirmed, I think, on the latest batch of Nautilus, that Frank is indeed producing blind burrs on it. I'll be able to let you know once it's in my hands, but the thought of increased surface area with blind burrs seems interesting to say the least.

It's also cool to note that Frank and Team are always making little micro-adjustments and changes from batch to batch of Titus and Nautilus grinders.



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What'd it cost you for the Nautilus?


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Yeah, let me know on the blind burrs. I ordered the batch right before he posted about that and when I reached out to Frank he said they are only for espresso burrs right now. And the SSP pre-2015 geometry aren't made that way, so I'm assuming you don't' have them if you got the filter burrs. But, we'll see...

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3200 €