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#1: Post by Jeremydaubs »

Hi there, I'm in the process of building a coffee bike and I'm now at the stage where I need to buy a grinder. The grinder must be lightweight to not weigh down the bike but equally not compromise on quality. Does anyone have any ideas of a good quality lightweight grinder?


#2: Post by Davi-L »

A hand grinder with a chain attachment. After the bike is propped up, the consumer gets to experience grinding their own coffee.
Well, it just popped out of my head.


#3: Post by zero610 »

You need something middle of the road. Not too small that it can't handle the volume but, like you said, not too large that it weighs you down. Assuming power availability won't be a problem? P64, Niche, maybe Forte? Grinders in that price range/size, I think, would work best. Good luck


#4: Post by Intrepid510 »

Can you try the etZinger hand grinder and tell me how it works? ... tzman.html

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#5: Post by ira »

A Helor 106 or if you can find one, an OE Pharos or if you have the money, a HG-1. All are hand grinders, but all could be easily pedal powered with a bit of effort.


#6: Post by Pressino »

I'm curious how the grinder is to be connected to the bike (which I presume was what your post intends). I just got a used Pharos and really like it. It's superb for dark roasts. Dark roasts are already a challenge to crank by hand with the supplied crank handle, and it's near impossible to grind light roasts. It really needs to be clamped down, unless you're able to stabilize it between your thighs. I've found that attaching a hex extender (M10x1.5) to the shaft allows me to crank much more easily using a 14" ratchet wrench. And the base still needs to be clamped in place. I know folks have motorized the Pharos using drill and other electric motors.

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#7: Post by ira »

I've seen grinders run off of pedals which is what I thought you wanted. Otherwise use an electric drill and some sort of hex or Torx connection.

Jeremydaubs (original poster)

#8: Post by Jeremydaubs (original poster) »

Thanks guys I do in fact want an electric grinder attached to the bike as I think grinding the beans myself will be one job too many. I'm currently looking at the Cunill Tranquillo Tron as it is plastic (light and easy to attach to the bike). Does anyone have any experience with this grinder? Is it wise to get the a programmable one so those that aren't so confident on the bike can get the perfect dosage?


#9: Post by chipman »

Don't know what chain ring or rear sprocket ratios you're using, but it is always simpler to install a smaller gear. I wouldn't compromise the quality of your equipment. Not sure what the total weight of your cart will be, but i can't believe the few lbs difference one grinder over another would be that noticeable in the long run. Going to a lower gear ratio is my vote.

Reading your comment. You aren't pulling a cart? if you intend to somehow attach the grinder to the bike, I would go with the Niche.