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I've been using a K30 for some time now, but I notice that with some coffees I end up just in between 2 grind settings.
Through a friend of mine, I can get either a K30 Vario for €850 or a Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 for €1400.
Both are pretty new and still within warranty.

They'll be paired with a Victoria Arduino Eagle 1.

Will the Mythos be a significant upgrade compared to the K30 Vario? My old K30 has a lot of retention, which I know the Mythos hasn't. But Anything else I should be aware of?

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A short 5% pulse of normal grind time, while wasting a bit of coffee cures the retention issue.

You can get between settings by dosing up/down a fraction of a gram to get the desired shot parameters. I used to futz with adjusting the grinder throughout the day. Now, just add 0.1g for the afternoon shots.


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I owned a K30 Vario and the Eureka Olympus with Mythos TiN burrs. The K30 is more towards classic style of espresso while the Mythos burrs are much better in medium to lighter roasts. Both are true workhorses and will be great. And the cutting surface of the Mythos burrs are more towards 80mm so it's a full step up in burr size, although the K30 burrs perform way beyond standard 65mm size. Those Mythos grinder where very popular for a reason a couple of years ago and the K30 before that as it's an older design.

I personally liked the Mythos burrs more but I like lighter roasts. The Olympus had only 3-4gr of retention and the Mythos should be no different whereas the K30 got up to 6-8gr. You can really see and feel that the Mythos is a more modern grinder.

The Eureka Olympus is just as good for home use and €995 new. For home use you don't really need the extra Mythos stuff although the 600rpm of the more expensive Mythos versions is a very nice upgrade. Or the smaller Atom 75 which is a very good grinder but just not as bomber as a Olympus or Mythos.


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If not single dosing then weight dosing. Mahlkönig E65S GbW

bbuijsman (original poster)

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Yeah I was thinking about the GBW, although that adds €500 on top of the Mythos.

Thing is, I think I'll be done for quiet some time then. Where with the Mythos I might be longing for the gbw version...


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Keep in mind that it still has the K30 burrs so more oriented towards darker roasts. If you like that then it's a really neat grinder.

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The GBW is not in stock anywhere, so I think I'll go for the Mythos, at that price I can sell it again anyway without too much trouble.

And the retention and burrs more suited for medium/light roasts got me over.

With the K30 I can't do filter without messing with the alignment, is that something that I would be able to do with the Mythos?


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Forget about doing pourover and espresso with a GOD as you'll be wasting tons of coffee. Better to just get a Commandante for pourover.

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100% on keeping grinders to one purpose. Can't recommend a hand grinder for pour-over. Maybe if I was 20.

I use a Macap MC4 with mini-hopper solely for pour-over. Coupled with 3 various micro screens, by all reports, PDG coffee.