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+1 for the Caravel. 10min waem-up and reliably the best espresso i can imagine. Suitable for light and dark roasts. And incredibly cheap.
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I'll second the Decent recommendation. Under 2.5 minutes for espresso, another 2 minutes or so if you also want steam.



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If you can and want to spend the money then the Decent is the best choice I guess.
The Breville Dual Boiler is probably the best value for money though. Warm up time is about 6 minutes in my case (also 220V) which includes the steam boiler. It is also very temperature stable and reuqieres relatively little space.
Another option I can recommend is the Bezzera Strega. It is a Spring lever machine but the group is actively heated and the grouphead and steam boiler are ready after about 10 minutes. I guess it would also be a lot more accepted in your country than the BDB :mrgreen:


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bubblecar wrote:GAH! I really wanted to avoid this, but I know it does all these things.

Am I being too snobby about the Breville?
I had a GS3 plumbed at other house and have a modded BDB currently as temporary machine, I totally get the "Breville" hesitation but it basically runs circles around any machine near its price, you'd have to move up to DE1, lever like Londinium to get anything better. I bought mine used so had some quirks (over 5k shots and I think 5 maybe 6 years old), put new Vibiemme opv, brass ulka pump, and slayer mod, it's a beast for shot quality. I've owned E61s and couldn't pay me to own another E61 over it lol. Even without profiling including decline, the stock PI system allows full manual control. I was just pulling shots last week at 80% pressure so on that dose and bean about 5-6 bar. That bean still sucked (Klatch GR1 Ethiopian which others don't like either) but doing that way was most tolerable I could get it.

Basically less than 10 min and extremely temp stable, even against saturated groups ala GS3.

If you can though, DE1 which is pricier. Can do so much and is even faster warming up, like damn near ready after turning on. It's insanely capable, no other rnaxhine like it if you really want to play around with profiles or just leave in adaptive mode etc


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Ironically for the home of Espresso, it's quite difficult to find good home espresso machines.
I hear you.... Just ordered an DE1XL (XL because 'white') and my SO keeps bringing up that I didn't "buy Italian".

Size and power consumption matters.


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So far I've heard good of the Rancilio Silvia Pro X. Then there's the Spanish newcomer Kafmasino One that could be interesting. Other than those I'm also in favor of manual levers, open boilers probably being the fastest to heat up.

Also agreed that it is difficult to find a good home espresso machine here in Italy :) The industry is very much geared towards cafès etc, and more for foreign markets.

With the same considerations I ended up getting a La Pavoni and a hand grinder a few years back. Easy to tuck most of it in the cupboard when not in use.. countertop real estate is precious here.


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Just got my lelit elizabeth and it's perfect and ready to go in 15 mins.


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Need to be prudent with warm-up time.
Some will talk about boiler temp and some will talk about portafilter at temp. It is not the same. A boiler can reach its temp and the PF will still be cold.
Ideally, warm up time should be the time it takes to the espresso machine to be able to have a shot after being switched on.
Very few boiler machine will achieve that. The small boiler machines may reach temp in 15 mns but it will take some more time to have the group and PF at temp.
Taking that into consideration, Thermobloc machine do have a significant advantage other boilers (Breville, Ascaso, Decent and others): the TB will reach temperature within a few seconds or 1 minute, and temperature transfer to PF and group can be done rapidly after that.
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I would third (fourth?) the Decent of you can stretch to it, otherwise the BDB is a fine machine.

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Many home lever machines have warmup times in that zone. My La Pavoni's are both at boiler temp in ten minutes. From there it's just some dry pumps of the lever to stabilize the group at the temp you want.

Certainly a very different experience to the pump machines. Still might be worth looking at a few
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