Good espresso scale...Not Acaia?

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#1: Post by Maxcheese »

Hey guys!

I know it's been covered here before, but cannot really find anything good. I need a scale for espresso but i'm not really keen on splurging.

I'd like it to fit on the drip tray to clear the portafilter (Silvia, naked PF) and also to fit the portafilter to weigh directly. Also as precise ans fast as possible.

I do not need any smart feature or timer or any other gadget.

Any of you guys have a suggestion for me ?

Thank's and cheers!!!


#2: Post by Haskens »

Check out the various AWS scales on Amazon. Cheap, durable and fast enough.

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#3: Post by mmntip »

Felicita Arc.

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#5: Post by Sarel.wagner »

Look up Felicita, very happy with mine. As fast as Aceia, less expensive....

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#6: Post by Ken5 »

The Felicita costs less than the acaia, but it is getting close to it In price.

Looks like a nice scale. Will investigate if I decide to get a high end scale.

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#7: Post by lancealot »

Timemore. Prima Coffee sells them. I have no experience with it.

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#8: Post by Arafel »

The Decent Simple is very responsive. I've been happy with it so far.

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#9: Post by PIXIllate »

Decent simple has been great for me. There is a new Decent scale coming soon. It has Bluetooth and is more money.


#10: Post by ziptie »

I see there are more Acaia clones available which are more affordable now:
Black Mirror basic coffee scale
Hero Digital coffee scale
Both in the 60USD range.

I've been using a 20USD Maxus scale (same as the Weightman, except it's red & silver, not black) for almost two years. It's not as water resistant as the high dollar scales. But for what I use a coffee scale for, it fits the bill. Just as with electric kettles (i.e. Fellows), decent knock-offs have joined the fray.