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#21: Post by walr00s »

I have ... B08CDRBJD6 and the Decent Simple scale. They are equally as responsive as far as I can tell. The weightman is smaller, costs half the price, got here in 2 days instead of 1.5 months, and is much more water resistant. The only minor advantage the Decent Simple has is that it has a shorter auto-shut off timer. There are also times that the Decent Simple screws up, maybe because it's so permeable by water, and I have to turn it off and leave it off for a while before it will function properly again (Screen flashes, weight reading is clearly wrong...). You can clearly see when liquid gets onto the screen. The weightman is just as good or better in every single way and I would never buy the Decent Simple again. I use it to weigh my dose and the weightman to weigh my yield, but I'd much rather just have another weightman.


#22: Post by Jsfran »

The Brewista2 is about $100 on Amazon is very easy and has a variety of modes.

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Maxcheese (original poster)

#23: Post by Maxcheese (original poster) »

Turns out the chinese thing was precise to 0.1 but just up until 500g, then it,s precise to 0,5g which is useless. So now...

Any Acaia clone recommendation or i'm better off with the Timemore from Ali???

Kind of desperate of shedding $$$ on cheap crap here :(

Thank's guys!


#24: Post by SAllen »

You can Google the NYT Wirecutter site for kitchen scales. I'm happy with the $11 one they recommended but there are more expensive recommendations as well.

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#25: Post by Chrikelnel »

Throwing in another recommendation for the timemore, I tried a couple amazon scales ~$15 and the hario scale, and the timemore is much faster than any of the others I've tried.

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#26: Post by cannonfodder »

I have been using something like this one for 5 years ... ljaz10cnVl
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Maxcheese (original poster)

#27: Post by Maxcheese (original poster) »

I've seen a few recommendations for that kind of model, but too small for partafilters I think though...

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#28: Post by slybarman »

I received the Timemore from China. Seems decently made. Is kinda large as others have noted, but turned sideways, it fits on my drip tray just fine. Seems fast-reading and pretty stable, I guess that is about all I can ask. In any event, it is an upgrade over what I had before and didn't cost $200, so I would say that is winning.

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#29: Post by Chrikelnel »

I've had better luck with mine turned vertically and hanging off a bit than sideways, but ymmv.

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#30: Post by slybarman » replying to Chrikelnel »

Better luck in what way?