Good espresso machine for small coffee cart?

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Hi, I'm looking to purchase an espresso machine for a coffee cart startup I am opening with my wife. We've been looking into espresso machines and have been very interested in the Elektra Verve. It seems like an excellent home machine, but there isn't as much information on how well it would do in a low to medium volume coffee cart/bar/cafe. Does anyone own one and can share their experience? Should we go with it? Is there a better alternative in the same or similar price range? Thank you!


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Just my 2c,
The spaziale vivaldi machine is awesome for the pop ups/cart we do.
And I think it's a bit better on the wallet.
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#3: Post by DaveC »

I'd recommend not going for the Verve. It would be totally unsuitable for your application.

maxvorobey (original poster)

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Is there a specific reason as to why you recommend not going for it?


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It won't handle the workload of a coffee cart would be one of many reasons.

maxvorobey (original poster)

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Hmm are you speaking from experience, or just speculating based on machine specs? (I'm not trying to be annoying, genuinely am trying to gain as much knowledge before I make a decision)

Also if not a Verve, is there Any other one you'd recommend for this application that A. Can be both plumbed in and use reservoir, s as no B. Won't completely break the bank? (Linea mini Is a little outside my budget)

maxvorobey (original poster)

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I'm looking to open up a coffee cart with my wife, and we have purchased a decent grinder and are in the process of purchasing the cart. We are looking for a good espresso machine that will be able to keep up with 50-100 espressos per event (events like once a week) that we will be able to plumb in during events, and use at home other times.

Currently we like the r58 Cinquantotto as it has a decent size steam boiler, and seems to be a popular and well liked machine.

As far as more professional application the Ascaso baby t plus has been catching our eye as it seems to be more geared for that application, but it's kind of a hard sell considering it's worth almost $2500 more.

Anyone have experience with either machine in this kind of application?


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Check the Cimbali m21 junior...
Its made for that..


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I speak from experience of the Verve.

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Randy G.

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You may get more specific answers if you give more detail on the cart itself. Waste handling, storage, nature of the plumbing, voltage, water quality/treatment, thoughts of expanding to other events, etc. And maybe even budget could help. Will it be just espresso or will you be making milk based drinks as well? How fast will the orders be coming in. Recovery time is an important consideration. 50 drinks in six hours is a lot different than 150 drinks in 90 minutes.
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