Good Cheap Pourover Scale?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by clc12rock »

I have Acaia scales at home, but need something to leave at my mountain house and don't really wanna spend $150 on Acaia. There's a bunch on Amazon with timers that are around $20. I don't need autostart or autotare or anything, just solid weighing and a timer. Looking at the below 3 scales, but feel free to post others.

Might just order all 3 and return the ones I don't like.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

I'd check them for the ability to calibrate before ordering. Once you get one, check its repeatability, as well as if you can add and remove 0.1 g and get them to respond. I've returned several $15-class scales as they drift over seconds of time, or aren't sensitive enough to weigh an 18 g dose to 0.1 g. (I haven't tried any of the ones linked.)

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#3: Post by MB »

I have the second one and like it a lot.
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I also have the 2nd one and it's ok. You get what you pay for, the hario scale is faster to respond and more accurate.
But we have to be realistic, if you put 17.1g or 17.2g beans in your cup.. doesn't really matter.

It works for the job you (most likely) need it for.

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#5: Post by Jeff »

Torbj0rn wrote:But we have to be realistic, if you put 17.1g or 17.2g beans in your cup.. doesn't really matter.
Agreed for pour-over, but 0.1 g and certainly 0.2 g can make a significant difference in how espresso extraction progresses.

Some of the scales I looked at and returned needed 0.3 g or more to register a change.


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I have a 15 dollar scale from Lee Valley (a very good hardware and tool company) that I've had for several years. Works well, reads to the nearest gram (for those, like myself, that believe that that's accurate enough) and what else -- it's a scale!

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Thanks for the posts so far everyone. All of the scales had free returns on Amazon, so I just went ahead and ordered all 3. I'll let y'all know my opinion on each when they arrive. Should get here on Saturday.

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Scales got in today. Brewed a Kalita after lunch using this scale:

Thoughts: Solid accuracy for the weight. Was either spot on or within .1g of what my Acaia Pearl read. The bright blue display is a bit much though and can be tough to read at certain angles. My biggest gripe was the lag. It's not as bad as some other scales I've used, but after using a Pearl daily, it's very noticeable and I'll definitely have to adjust my pouring technique. Timer works just fine. I'm hoping the lag on the other scales is less than this one.


#9: Post by elbee »

Maybe not as cheap, but I've had good luck with my Timemore Black Mirror scale, ... 084FBMV1D/, which can be purchased for even less from China. I've found it to be very accurate (to a tenth of a gram) and the timer is easy to use. This scale only measures in grams, not ounces (not a problem if what you weigh is coffee-related).

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Thoughts on this one (Eravsow):

Solid accuracy when compared with my Acaia Pearl. Screen is really easy to read. I liked the screen on this one the best. A slight lag, but less than the first one I reviewed. Timer works just fine.

Thoughts on this one (Brewista BrewSmart):

Accuracy is okay. It was .2 off of what my Pearl said, but I assume I can fix this with calibration. And who knows, maybe my Pearl is off. I haven't calibrated it in a while. It also has a bright blue screen, but is easier to read than the first one I reviewed. This has the least amount of lag, but not as good as my Pearl. Still easy to hit target weights tho. Timer works just fine too.

I think I'm going to keep these two scales and return the first one I reviewed. Overall, I like the third one I reviewed (Brewista BrewSmart) the best, but it's not much better than the 2nd one (Eravsow). The Eravsow is (possibly) more accurate and has a better screen, but the BrewSmart has less lag. The BrewSmart was also about $9 more than the Eravsow and I don't think it's worth the extra money.