Giving up on Monolith grinder - What's next?

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#1: Post by Feuros »

Hello all, looking for some advice. I recently failed to win the Monolith lottery for the 3rd time this weekend so I think it's time to accept the fact that there is not likely to be one of these in my future. I literally could not have attempted to order any faster than I did, and they were gone in seconds.

I've recently developed a bit of tendinitis, which I don't think is good in combination with my current HG-1, so I don't think I can afford to wait another 6 months for a chance of getting a Monolith then another 4-5 months after that.

What are the next best options, either available now, or likely to be available in the next 6 months?
I love the HG-1 one and would like to maintain a similar workflow - just without the hand cranking.
Requirements are:
  • Single dosing
    Zero retention
    Flat burr (I roast on the lighter side and I think it makes sense to make the switch to flat)
    As good/better than HG-1 in the cup
Basically, my dream is a flat version of the HG-1 with an electric motor.

As far as I know, these are the current options:
  • Ceado E37SD - new, a bit untested, pretty ugly (subjectively)
    Ceado Hero - beautiful, but way out of my price range
    Monolith flat/flat max- not available for at least a year and relies on luck/fast internet
    Lyn Weber EG1 - currently leaning towards this. Beautiful machine, but really stretches the budget and is a bit of a tough pill given the Monlith Max is essentially the same price and uses 98mm burrs vs. 80mm
The Monolith flat would be in the sweet spot for budget, but I was willing to stretch to the Flat Max since the value seems worth it.

What else am I missing?



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#2: Post by mivanitsky »

Why not this?

[FS] Monolith Flat black customized

There will no doubt be more used Flats available before the September batch ships, as some people move to MAX.

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#3: Post by Feuros »

Mainly because it's being sold at $500 above retail and is 220v.


#4: Post by wai2cool4u »

used monolith conicals show up pretty frequently on the for sale forums. since you're more than happy with your HG-1, seems like a monolith flat or conical would work for you.

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#5: Post by Feuros »

A Monolith Flat would indeed work well, but I've been unable to obtain one so far.
Maybe I need to watch the forums more closely, because they seem to be gone as soon as they're listed.
(If anyone is selling one at or below retail, feel free to message me)


#6: Post by CwD »

I love the EG-1. Highly recommend. Can't compare to a Flat Max yet, but it's more even than a well aligned (by Titus, iirc) 98mm EK43:


#7: Post by guydebord »

Versalab, EG-1 and Helor Motor, or wait for a used Monolith
I also lost the MAX lottery and would consider getting an EG-1 if it wasn't for the size...
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#8: Post by DickieT »

I am in the same boat as you are and also missed out on a Max. I don't have the patience to wait for the next round and maybe get lucky then..

I have tried and tested the EG-1 and really liked it. It is beautifully built and the results were to my taste. I have tried to contact LW via their webform - only way to contact listed on the site - and have not been successful. They have not responded after a few tries and I don't like that...

I am considering going back to my original idea which is an Titus aligned EK43s with SSP burrs..


#9: Post by LObin »

Why not get something in the meantime that won't lose its value and jump on a Mono flat or max when you get a chance...?

I'm thinking Atom Specialita 75mm with red speed burrs or even a Niche Zero...
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#10: Post by CwD »

I find them extremely responsive, but the web form was weird for me too. I think it may be glitched. If contacted by email or one of their social media chats they respond almost immediately.