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Ive been using Rocket giotto V for some time now, and already drooling on some upgrades. As i really want to dive deep into this field. Now i had my eyes originally on ECM Synchronika. Then out of nowhere an evil thought crept slowly into my head: What if i fulfilled my dream of owning LM. Either the LMLM or GS3.

How big would the in cup difference be in the hands of a very skilled barista between those 3? A few % increase would be pretty motivating for me

And how is the longevity on all these? What can i expect, and how easy and expensive are they to repair down the line? I know nothing about machine repair, will i manage to repair them myself then?

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I suppose I'll ask the questions that someone is bound to ask:

What kinds of coffee do you like ( light? Dark? )?
And what type of grinder do you have?

I too have a dream of owning a LM. I drink mostly medium to dark roasts and appreciate that flow control will offer little benefit. I also know that an ECM will be more than sufficient - probably nearly impossible to beat with traditional roasts. Heck, the Cafalat Robot is likely good enough.

But I'm still attracted to the superb temperature control and consistency of the LM as well as the commercial rating. But it's the design and tech support from La Marzocco that really wins for me. At this level of machine, it's more about following your heart than anything else.

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Espresso33 wrote:And how is the longevity on all these?
All these machines are capable of amazing longevity. The question is who's going to do the necessary servicing?

For myself, regarding those LM choices, I'd choose the LM GS3MP for greater control and info readout straight out of the box.
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I wanna make both dark and light. Got a mazzr major

Im definitely gonna do all kinds of necessary servicing. But if they were to break down, are they easy or very costly to repair? And can i who has never done it, manage that?

Its LM GS3 i really want. But my main concern is that it will stop working a few years after the warranty has expired.

Im also thinking about lever machines, know almost nothing about them. But am I correct thinking it makes better coffee than for instance the GS3 for a lower price?

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I got my GS/3 used in unknown condition and completely rebuilt it for around $30 in rubber (Viton, EPDM and Aflas) seals. Zero hard parts needed replacing.

So, there is really nothing too technically challenging.

The big issue with the GS/3 is the fact that the logic board is located beneath the machine and in a spot that is vulnerable to water damage, should the steam boiler ever develop a leak, and that does happen. It happened with mine (water damage was present prior to my ownership, but the board still worked for quite a while), and I was able to have the logic board repaired for about $100. So even though the part is expensive and proprietary to LM, it can be serviced without issue.

All of my experiences can be found documented here if you search for topics started by me with "GS3" in the title.

As for you other initial questions, there really is very little change in espresso quality between different machines once you get into the Prosumer level. What changes is the quality of life and the rituals you have to go through to coax out the best shots. With LM machines, the ritual is prepare puck, pull shot. Nothing else really comes into play, and the results will be shockingly repeatable.


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