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#1: Post by jasiano »

Has anyone else come across the Gevi 2-in-1 grinder and pourover machine?

I have seen Gevi make other coffee stuff... not sure on their quality/reputation.
Looking at the specs (and the marketing video) on the IGG site, I wouldn't expect the grinder to be super brilliant but maybe 'good enough' for some basic pour overs?
TBH what got my interest was the automated pour over part... I don't mind doing that manually (I quite enjoy it) but I saw a Marco(?) automated brewer in a cafe recently and my brain decided I want something similar :D

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#2: Post by Jeff »

They've been marketing it heavily. I've been pointed to it by "non-coffee" people now. sweaner, I merged your thread with another one on the same subject.

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#3: Post by jasiano (original poster) »

yep. a LOT of marketing... it's how I came to see it, all the FB and insta sponsored ads are hard to avoid.

That video is.... interesting... can't say I'm ever convinced when someone is given a product to review before its release... IIRC the same guy put out a video questioning whether the Weber Key would be any good based on the burrs specs rather than any actual product usage... hmm..

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#4: Post by Daniel_R »


There's a FB group where Gevi is answering some questions:

Fabian is one of my favourite coffee youtubers. He has promised to do an espresso focused follow-up. The grinder and burrs are probably optimised for pour-over. It's a stepped grinder with 10 steps in the espresso range, so that might be a bit limiting.

My drink of choice is flat white but I'm looking to upgrade my Sette 270. If the grinder is on par with the NZ (shown in Gevi's marketing) for espresso, I would (of course) be interested. Also for the occasional pour-over and wife (so I can ditch the Nespresso).



#5: Post by Jonk »

If you mainly brew espresso, get an espresso focused grinder. Sounds like you actually want the Niche.

I would be tempted to buy the machine if they offered a standalone version without the grinder for those that already have and are happy with their grinder(s).

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#6: Post by Jeff »

Ten steps in the espresso range would not be enough for me. I find notable and valuable changes with half a mark on a Niche Zero (nominally 10 marks across the range I use for espresso).

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#7: Post by jbviau »

Jonk wrote:I would be tempted to buy the machine if they offered a standalone version without the grinder for those that already have and are happy with their grinder(s).
+1. Oh, and if it weren't 17" tall, since I don't have that much clearance on my counter.
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jasiano (original poster)

#8: Post by jasiano (original poster) »

Have been following Lance Hendrick's instagram the past few weeks when he's been playing with the Gevi, and he's just posted his (sort of) review of the pre-production model here on the tube.

My takeaway from it:
- if you like gadgets/automated brewing, this is a very nice option especially if you don't do big batch brews
- programmability is nuts especially at this price point
- the grinder is pretty good, even goes fine enough for espresso (but the lack of range is probably not great to dial in espresso); probably suited more for the filter/pourover. I wonder if it's roughly the same quality as the Fellow Ode...
- brew quality in the cup is good, not perfect.

I am probably going to signup on IGG for one.

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#9: Post by Grahamsphillips »

I decided to take a punt and ordered one ahead of the deadline... anyone else?


#10: Post by tv79 » replying to Grahamsphillips »

I've been on the fence the last few weeks, mainly because I'm not familiar with Gevi as a company. $500 seems more than reasonable given what most reviewers have said so far, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least somewhat concerned with the machine's longevity.

That said, I decided to back it since it seems Gevi's now incorporating at least some of Lance's (and maybe others'?) suggestions and will be sending him a new unit once those changes are made. That's a good sign.

As a side note, I'm honestly floored that a company like Gevi that isn't rooted in specialty coffee, and at quick glance seems geared towards generic kitchen appliances, would be the ones coming out with this. I'd expect it from Fellow, Breville, etc. Here's hoping Gevi sparks some competition.