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#11: Post by Grahamsphillips »

I agree its a bit of a punt so I wouldn't invest the grandchildren's inheritance in it..but all the reviews have been favourable so I decided to treat myself


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Well. Its here and so far I'm delighted..anyone else?


#13: Post by tv79 » replying to Grahamsphillips »

Still waiting on mine. How's the cup quality and consistency?


#14: Post by Starspawn2318 »

I would be interested in the automated pourover component as a stand alone unit. Interested to hear some user reviews.


#15: Post by Grahamsphillips »

I made my first pour over today. Quite simply it was the best by far ive ever made


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So the Gevi 2in1 has transmographied into a 4in1... in fairness they've totally re-engineered the machine in response to detailed feedback from Lance Hedrick, Brian Quan et al.. I guess its a bit akin to a Decent Pour Over. I'm impressed

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#17: Post by jbviau »

^^^ I see that on IndieGoGo, but what does the "4" refer to now?
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#18: Post by tv79 » replying to jbviau »


I've had mine just over a week and overall am very impressed. I have some issues with the UI (and especially the fact that the unit's firmware can't be updated), but functionally so far it performs very well. Assuming longevity and customer service are good, I think this was a steal at $499.