Gaggia Classic vs Barista Pro

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#1: Post by gonzomup »

Hi, everyone,

As some of you know, I started with the Breville/Sage Barista Pro and moved on to an Hx machine now. An acquaintance of mine is asking about my Barista Pro, looking at it as a gift for their son, who's getting into espresso. The son already has a Gaggia Classic (not sure but it looks like the Evo Pro) and what appears to be a pretty good single-dose grinder. Photo is attached.

As much as I want my old Barista Pro to end up in a good home, I think the setup the son has is at least on-par with the experience and quality he'll get with the Breville, if not already better.

Help me offer some sound advice; I don't think the Breville is the right "next step" in terms of equipment, especially for someone interested in espresso as a hobby.


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#2: Post by Lizzoob »

I definitely agree with you. The Barista Pro is a sideways move in terms of beverage quality, and a downwards move in terms of longevity, repairability, and the possibility of doing mods.