Gaggia C Evo Pro alternative until the boiler issue is fix

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After much searching I was convinced to get the Gaggia Classic Evo Pro on sale for $399 as it seem to be the best for the price point/ durability track record.
But saw some users reporting issues with the new coating in the boiler flaking out of the wand. It seem Gaggia have not made any public statement yet. So I would wait until that is fixed and maybe get it later down the road.

One I saw similar is the MiiCoffee Apex $499, but to new for users report beside the youtube reviews, no durability track record.
On their youtube video MiiCoffee replied to someone they would come with V2 next year with adjustable OPV.

Im not 100% sure if the Breville Bambino is a good investment but sure it seem to be recommended a lot around the same price point.
Or the Bambino Plus with the OPV.
Now they include a barista Kit if purchased on the Breville page

Im also considering the Manual espresso route,
Robot or Flair

I Keep reading and watching on different videos about the pre-heat the chamber in the Flairs how much you really miss out if you dont?
It seem that not a big deal with the Robot.

But I have never used a manual so I am not sure if I would like long term the pressing down, the flair does look much simpler vs dual level of Robot but the Robot consensus is that is much faster to clean.

Usage would be for sure 2 espressos in the morning some days 3, not sure if 2 more in the afternoon.
But they would be with milk.

So not sure what to get now:
what is the expected life for a Bambino?
Bambino - would pucks come out a mess due to the missing solenoid valve
Bambino Plus - dont seem to have downside beside the price
Flair + Bellman stove steamer, Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother or a different milk frother
Robot + Bellman stove steamer, Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother or a different milk frother

Grinder I have not done a lot of research but I know is more important than the machine, I says budget for Grinder about $400-$500 for electric or less if I find a good manual one.

Thank you!