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I am currently looking for a flat burr grinder for medium to dark espresso roasts (I might try light roasts in the future but I consider myself at the start of my coffee journey right now).

Grinders I already took a look at and which I would consider (ordered without ranking):

1. G-Iota (++ burr diameter, + works well with single dosing, - only few reviews - not tested long term)
2. Mignon Manuale (+ cheap, + works well with single dosing, + established brand, - no gimmicks)
3. Mignon Specialita (+ works well with single dosing, + burr diameter, + good reviews, + gimmicks)
4. Mignon XL (++ burr diameter, + established brand, +gimmicks, - expensive)
5. Mahlkönig X54 Home (- seems to have high grind retention, - not much information yet)

What are your opinions about that list? Which grinders did I miss?

I would consider buying the Manuale because it is the cheapest if there is not a noticeable difference between 50mm and 65mm burrs (but I can't evaluate whether that's true). I don't really need the gimmicks of the Specialita but they are nice to have I guess.

Thank you