Flow control maintenance

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#1: Post by bobkat »

Does a machine with flow control have more potential maintenance issues compared with a machine without flow control?


#2: Post by jrham12 »

The flow control device will have a couple o-rings on the stem that should be occasionally checked and kept lubricated, but other than that, I don't think any additional maintenance would be required...

At least, that's my thought on mine; I have the Coffee Sensor kit installed on my Synchronika...

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#3: Post by Amberale »

For E61 flow control DaveC recommends lubing every three months.
It is a 10 minute job first time and a five minute job after that I reckon.
It is also 3/4 of the work required to pull and check your mushroom and see how your water/antiscale program is going.

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#4: Post by sweaner » replying to Amberale »

Any links to videos?
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#5: Post by Mashie »

Would Vaseline be a good lubricant?

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#6: Post by cafeIKE »

Silicone Lube

I only lube when noisy. That can be years.

:oops: I thought the thread referred to the OPV. I think of 'flow control' as 'pressure profiling'

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#7: Post by Jeff »

Do stock up on gaskets as the typical PTFE ones are marginal if reused and other materials often don't reseal.

High-temperature, "food-safe" grease, such as that shown above or Dow/Molykote 111, is seemingly the best option. A thin coating is sufficient. Putting on a glob doesn't do much more than expose more grease to water contact.

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#8: Post by walr00s »

I've found that I need to lubricate my flow control valve every month or so, not sure if that's because of something I'm doing or what, but it seems to be getting "gritty" feeling and more difficult to turn fairly regularly now. Faster than my lever gets dried out and needs lubrication. I backflush ~daily, but only backflush with cleaner once every ~3 months.

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#9: Post by cafeIKE »

Depending on how old the machine is, the adjuster o-rings are likely losing their elasticity.

SOP here is replace o-ring when lubing.

Flip the seal puck for double life and replace on 2nd/4th... lubes, assuming the lube jobs are years apart.

:arrow: Vibiemme OPV are in the cold water circuit. Valves on the hot side will require more frequent service.

bobkat (original poster)
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#10: Post by bobkat (original poster) »

So.....thank you everyone for responding! I am the OP. What I really would like to know is a Synchronika easier to maintain with or without a flow control device. Hopefully someone can give me their thoughts on that.