Flat burr grinder to fit small-ish coffee corner

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So I'm in need of a new grinder. I like medium roasts and darker with an occasional lighter roast just for fun.
Currently I have a Mazzer SJ VPro and it's excellent. No complaints on coffee taste or workflow. I do single dose and it doesn't bother me too much that I have to purge a few grams when I change settings.

But my cabinets are low with a clearance of 16.5in and 18in behind the overhang. The SJ is technically usable if I remove the hopper and dose with the levercraft dosing cup, but it's a bit awkward and the SJ just feels way oversized in my kitchen and next to my small Cremina. My coffee station feels like it's taking over.

I've tried many grinders. The Niche was OK but I preferred every flat burr in comparison. The Olympia Moca SD is out (a story for another time). Lagom p64 seems impossible to find. Besides the height restriction I also don't want to buy something boutique and ultra expensive like a Kafatek (maybe one day but not now).

I've read about Zerno (looks wonderfully small) but I'm not adventurous enough to roll the dice before their first product is released.

Since I'm happy with the Mazzer I'm wondering whether something like a Mazzer Mini or Lux D would work? Are there any issues I should consider there? Between Mini and LuxD is there anything to tip the balance?
Maybe wait for the Acaia orbit? Anything else I'm missing under 2k in the flat burr world?


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The DF64 with a 3D printed angled base is 15" tall and the angle makes it easy to charge the beans even with it tucked back under the wall cabinet.

Far from boutique but very capable. I just have the stock burrs and it does a great job on my medium to dark roasts. I don't venture into the light very often so I can't really say how the standard burrs would perform there.

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I thought about the DF series of grinder. The consensus seems to be that it's excellent if you do a few mods and are willing to align the burrs. I really want something that is good out of the box and is built robust enough to last for years.

I've been considering the Sette 270 actually. I know it has plastic parts but Baratza has a good reputation and the burrs are supposed to be good. It doesn't look like an old school conical so maybe the taste is on par with traditional flats. The size is nice.

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If you didn't like the niche I'd be surprised if the sette burrs satisfied you. What about a ceramic burr Vario?

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Some ideas here. Or maybe try to find a used Monolith flat, that may be within the budget.

Mahlkonig K30 Vario height w/ short hopper

https://prima-coffee.com/parts/mahlkoni ... 3-mahlk-sp

I thought that lid was compatible with the k30 but not sure, if you went that route im sure there is a cheap substitute off of aliexpress that would work just as well


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The DF64 is at its 4th evolution now and most of the original issues have been fixed. There are dozen of users who are satisfied with 100% stock DF64.
The fact that the price is competitive and you can install or create updates is not necessarily a bad thing: we all do that with our espresso machines (new competition filters, bottom-less, PID etc...).
Also, the DF64 opens the door to multiple type of burrs to tailor the grinder to your needs. It is priceless (but not unique to DF64).

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That's an interesting suggestion.

As to grind quality only, what's the difference here between the Vario and the Forte AP?