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Halfrican2004 wrote:I was considering this grinder, or a Chestnut G1. Thoughts?
Late reply, but I just wanted to chime in that the Chestnut G1 grinds tasty espressos - but you'd spend at least 2-3x the time grinding compared to say a Kinu M47 and wouldn't be able to fine tune the setting much at all (instead having to change dose when making adjustments). There is a different burr set used in G1S that should grind faster, but still suffer from the poor adjustability.

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Flair Pro 2, someone needs to come up with a rubber cap for the basket. On my old Flair I blocked the spout and used it to be able to preheat the basket by pouring hot water. No matter what they say, the Flair Pro 2 with its thick walls, if properly preheated, will lead to a more stable extraction temp than the thin walled huge cylinder/basket block on the Robot. Just saying, I know the Robot has many followers.

I am psyched about the Pro 2, the pressurestat just blew on my Ponte Vecchio so while I fix it I will have the Pro 2 paired with the LW HG-1, with an EKG kettle handy.
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