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I think I've settled on my purchase:
I can get the Gaggia Pure for $250 which is a good price for canada (most other places cost approx. $310), and a baratza vario (which seems to be approx $460 no matter where I shop).

I'm not having much luck trying to connect with sellers for secondhand espresso machines so I figure maybe the best thing for me to do is to get the lowest 'acceptable' machine to start learning and then save up for a serious second iteration (like a HX or something) if my interest stays strong.

EDIT: I also have the opportunity to pick up a Gaggia Tebe (which is supposedly the Gaggia Classic's guts in a POMO body) for $325 (or less if I can manage).

Does this seem like a reasonable setup for me to learn on?

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I just picked up my Vario.. this thing is heavy!

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I suggest that whatever machine and grinder a first time buyer settles on that they also determine what local roaster they will be using. If a local roaster is not available, budget for 5 lbs of fresh coffee from a reputible roaster such as one that advertises on this site. Order so the coffee arrives same day as the gear if not sooner.

There is nothing worse for the new enthusiast than starting with stale coffee. And, nothing is more frustrating than running out of fresh coffee just when you are starting to get the hang of things.

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thanks for the advice :)

Unfortunately the craigslist seller's advertised "new" espresso machine had years of use so I'm still on the prowl.


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Have you checked these out? ... /PL041.htm

Looks like a great deal for the money.
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Hmm, that looks good! I'm hoping to deal from within canada if I can though

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gegtik wrote:I just picked up my Vario.. this thing is heavy!
I too was surprised at the weight of the Vario. Its certainly not a heavy grinder in the world of prosumer espresso, but it was heavier then I expected. It was also much quieter, and more throaty sounding then I expected. I was kinda expecting to hear a more whiny sound, so turning it on for the first time, was a pleasant surprise.