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#1: Post by JACQUiiiE »

HI everyone,

I am a 17 yr old who is begging my mom to buy me ("our family") an espresso machine.

I am very lucky to go to a high school whose cafeteria staff are educated chefs, and i have been working as a "barista" for my schools cafe for about 2 years. i am in love with the school machine but its price is in the high thousands

i realize you are all espresso fans but my favourite thing to make in the schools espresso machine is my rooibos latte or a iced variation. I dont think i am ready to start drinking straight espresso but do enjoy cappuccinos and espresso shots with steamed milk.

my mom is willing to pay about 250. and i have about 75 dollars so totaling around 300
she and my dad drink drip coffee everyday.. >< yuck
what can you suggest?


#2: Post by hperry »

How about a Mypressi Twist, a Kyocera hand grinder and a stovetop steamer? You could get all three for about 300 and make very good espresso. Your milk frothing wouldn't be as good as a commercial machine, but would be OK for the time being. I'm really impressed with the espresso from the Twist and am pulling a couple of shots a day with it.
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#3: Post by jammin »

snag a nice kyocera hand grind

pair it with a used gaggia classic.

I bet you could do all that for $300 and be very happy!

The mypressi won't steam milk and will have continual costs for fuel.

You might even be able to find a bargain on a used lever machine if you are lucky. There is a couple la peppina's right now on ebay italy for $99 euro's(144 american). shipping might get ya though. plus they 220v which would require a converter.

also, you could place a WTB(wanted to buy) ad at coffeegeek for a used machine. Somebody might have just what you are looking for

Just try'n to toss out some ideas for ya.



#4: Post by hperry »

Most Peppinas lack steam - or at least effective steam. And I've never been able to get as good a shot with my Peppina as I have with the Twist. My stovetop steamer does as good a job of steaming as my Classic does - although less convenient. If 10 cents a shot for the c02 is a deal killer I suppose that's a drawback - but it seems fairly reasonable to me. I really doubt if you can produce better coffee at that price than the Twist. $300 is a pretty low bar to meet.
Hal Perry

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#5: Post by peacecup »

I also think a hand grinder and a used Gaggia or Saeco can make very acceptable espresso. I spent the first five years of my espressohood with a Saeco/hand grinder combo that cost less than $200.

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