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#21: Post by JHCCoffee »

I had experienced substantive fluctuations in weight readings. I initially thought that it was the levelness of the scale.

Update : It wasn't the levelness of the scale.

If the back of the scale touches anything (a wall, the machine, anything), this causes accuracy issues. In fact if any side of the scale touches anything, it causes accuracy issues. Even my finger lightly touched on any side causes accuracy issues.

The sides are all one casing and the scale is very very sensitive to any touch, other than on the top.

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#22: Post by yakster »

I've had that happen with my Pear scale too.

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#23: Post by TobiasFunke »

Bumping this. I have just received the scale and tried it on 2-3 pour overs. So far it's great. It seems they fixed this issue with the auto-start timer partially: for me it's only triggering it when weighting beans, which is not an issue as I don't care at that precise moment, but it doesn't when I add ground beans (flow rate sensitivity set at the max: 2 g/s). I just wish it had the same functionality as in the Timemore Black Mirror: you press the button, a 3-second countdown shows, and then it's ready to detect any weight changes to start the timer. This is described in DiFluid's app as "manual auto-start mode", but there's no toggle for manual vs non-manual (auto-auto-start?), so that's very confusing.

The scale is very sensitive, but you can adjust this with the refresh rate (I mean you can change how this sensitivity is translated to the display so that numbers jump go up at a somewhat slower pace). I am able to get the same experience with the Timemore (which I frankly love, but I wanted to get flow rate and BT, and thought this brand deserved a try) and control when to stop pouring. I was not able to do this quite well with the Acaia Pearl S I tried (I felt it was extremely sensitive, creating a more unpleasant experience in my case).

Will comment on temperature weight fluctuations (i.e. if heat is applied to the weighting surface, weight ramps up) as I try it more, but they were gentle enough to send me the wooden plate even if they claim these fluctuations have been fixed in the newer versions of the scale - my sever is just too wide in the base (Kalita server) and I didn't want to buy another one just yet.

So far, pretty happy with it.


#24: Post by TobiasFunke »

Spoke too soon.

The weight shift (upwards) with regards to temperature is still there. It may not be too much of an issue, as in my case I noticed the weight going from 301.1 to 302 (final volume, pour over), but I have not seen this in other scales. Also the capacitive buttons take many tries to register the touch which is highly annoying. Lastly, the auto-start is ok-ish but again, it is better implemented in the Timemore Black Mirror.

For this price, mine is also going back.


#25: Post by boren »

I have this scale, and the only good thing I can say about it is that it displays elapsed time and flow-rate in parallel. Not many scales can do that.

On the other hand - it's very slow to start up; the touch buttons are annoying (though not as bad as Timemore Black Mirror Nano)‎; the app is very unintuitive; the display is not the most legible, and the silicon pad only hugs the scale from one side, so it easily moves. All in all, not a good product.

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#26: Post by ira (original poster) »

The silicon pad only hugs from one side because if you turn it over, that lip will in theory keep a portafilter level. Pretty common on scales for espresso.


#27: Post by boren »

How would a second wall/lip interfere with that? And why does it need to be leveled? It just needs to be stable.


#28: Post by TobiasFunke »

exactly, I just checked this after that message and I don't see the point of having it angled.

Also, I've contacted them yesterday to return the scale, they have not replied still. They also didn't reply to a question I had about the app that I sent about 3-4 days ago.


#29: Post by boren »

The point of having it angled is that it doesn't slide when you place the cup on top. My Microbalance also came with a wooden plate as an alternative to the silicone pad, but it sits like an old chair that has one shorter leg. Did I mention I'm disappointed with this scale?


#30: Post by TobiasFunke »

Starting to get very pissed off with this "company". It's been 3 days since I requested to return the scale, no reply. And 5 days since I requested the invoice, no reply.