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#11: Post by smite »

Nice looking scale and app. I was thinking of taking a gamble since they list a 10% off code but for some reason it doesnt appear to be working.

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#12: Post by ira (original poster) »

I'm happy with it. I just hope someone doing Decent development gets one and makes it work. The Decent scale integration is really good, but the scale has issues.

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Randy G.

#13: Post by Randy G. »

I wrote to them and ask them if it will be ported to the Decent, and have not heard back. There are people that work on coding for the Decent, so hopefully somebody will put that together. I like the shorter height, and the price is right.
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#14: Post by s4g »

Got the R2 extract a couple of weeks ago. I'm happy with it so far. Worth noting that I don't have another refractometer to compare with.


#15: Post by Tony2 »

Can we use this difliod scale with other apps, like "coffee smart profiler" for example ?
Thank you :)


#16: Post by ichthus329 »

Any updates on the scale after using it for a few months?


#17: Post by ichthus329 »

loscorrales wrote:More pics

I purchased it because felicita parallel plus is absurde big for my pour overs.

I'm waiting now to the official app release , hope it will be ready in xmash for android

How do you like the Microbalance compared to the Felicita Arc for espresso? I'm looking to move on from my Timemore Nano.


#18: Post by loscorrales replying to ichthus329 »

Its big for espresso unless you have a big machine like lamarzocco micra


#19: Post by Theodore »

I have just received one microbalance by Difluid and I try to find this.
"Auto detect timing.You start pouring,it start timing".
I thought it was something like Acaia had,but I can't find it,if it is possible.

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#20: Post by ira (original poster) »

I looked for autostart and was unable to find it. Even though someone here said it was in the app, I was unable to find it, but I was in as a guest, maybe you need an account??