Fellow Ode upgraded SSP burrs vs. Baratza Vario upgraded steel burrs

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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Thoughts on which of these would be a better investment? I have a separate grinder for espresso, so this will only be utilized for drip / pour overs. Any other recommendations for electric grinders in this price range ~$500?


#2: Post by Jonk »

This is my take: Fellow Ode brew grinder review

And yes, consider a ghost burr grinder as well, like Fuji Royal R220 or Xeoleo 520N. I thought the R220 does best with medium/medium-dark roasts though, so it depends a lot on your preference.

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#3: Post by Jonk »

To elaborate some more, in my experience with these burrs I've had the highest highs with the SSP unimodal, but also more bland cups. Some roasts will work better with the Vario steel burrs so it's not an easy choice but on the whole I'd feel less restricted with a Vario if I could only pick one.