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#1: Post by rakeshsubbiah »

Hey guys, I have a niche grinder that I have been using for espresso. I am going to start pour over soon and I have heard that the niche is sufficient for that. However the fellow ODE is having a presale right now and was thinking if I should invest in that or go for a hand grinder like commandante? Any thoughts?

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#2: Post by Jeff »

Have you already read through Fellow Ode brew grinder review ?

Edit: If you're in Malaysia, it might be a moot question as you're on 230 V. You could get a Wilfa without the scale, which US buyers can't easily use, as it's 230-240 V. I don't know and haven't checked if the Ode will be available in anything but US, 120 V models.

(I find my Niche perfectly adequate for V60 and cupping, including true light roasts.)

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rakeshsubbiah (original poster)

#3: Post by rakeshsubbiah (original poster) »

I think they will be bringing in the international version to Malaysia

https://www.lamarsacoffee.com/product-p ... ew-grinder

But either way its good to know that the niche is good with the v60 etc. I think I will stick with the niche for now and only add on the fellow or another grinder in the future if necessary. Thanks for the response