Fastest way to get a Cafelat Robot on my counter

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#1: Post by mwelch »

I've relied on a Nespresso in the past to get me through the days when I didn't have time to get to my local shop. Well, my shop is much harder to get to now-a-days for obvious reasons. So I really want to start to pull my own real shots.

I've done the research, and I feel like the Robot Barista is the machine for me. My question: what is the absolute quickest way to get one in my house? Order straight from the cafelat store? From Prima-coffee?

Any help would be appreciated.


#2: Post by mgwolf »

Cafelat ships from Hong Kong and has very detailed info on their website about shipping/construction times for the Robot. Prima will ship immediately if it's in stock. All info derived from the above websites.


#3: Post by dak »

Given your location in NC, I would definitely suggest Prima if in stock. Much cheaper than ordering direct from Cafelat After adding the shipping cost from Hong Kong. Mine was delivered to Florida in 2-3 days


#4: Post by mwelch » replying to dak »

Agree in general, but the Barista is not in stock at Prima right now. :(


#5: Post by dak » replying to mwelch »

Trust me, I feel your pain. I was able to get one the last time they restocked but that literally took checking the website multiple times a day OCD style for about 2 months! Then they sold out in a couple of hours. All I can say is it's worth it even if you have to pay the extra shipping from Cafelat to get one from Hong Kong. It's an amazing piece of kit!