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Pressino wrote:If you are interested in the Key grinder, for some reason that I can't explain, a lot of them are showing up NIB on the Buy/Sell forum here at HB.com.
While no doubt there can be extenuating circumstances,
baldheadracing wrote:Some people ordered the grinder in hopes of reselling for profit. An MSRP of $2k with an IGG price of $1.5k seemed like an easy 33% profit.
- Step up grinder from Niche Zero > Weber Key?
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#12: Post by salvia »

Also, some people got tired of waiting and ordered something else.
My brother finally got (and kept) the Key he ordered, but wouldn't made it through the wait if I hadn't loaned him my second Kinu M47.


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I just recently purchased the Lagom P64 and could not be happier. I upgraded from a Mazzer Mini that was almost 20 years old. The Key was on my short list of grinders that I was considering, as well as the Turin DF 83 grinder.

https://www.espressooutlet.net/turin-df ... e-grinder/

Bastian987 (original poster)

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Thanks for all your feedback and advice. I decided to go for the P64, either with SSP HU or the new Mizen burr... or with both :)


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That would be me :D
I have the HU and Mizen on order. Unfortunately shipping on the latter has been pushed a couple of times. Fun will begin after Christmas as it stands :?

Bastian987 (original poster)

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Ah cool, then my choice seems to be reasonable :)

The Mizen burrs are currently shown as sold out, but I can select them when ordering the machine (with delivery late March). I reached out to Option-O whether/ how I can order both burr sets and at which cost, but they didn't get back to me yet... have to be patient until delivery anyway.


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i just got my p64 last week and loving it so far. i came from df64. i was also debating on the weber key as it seemed like something in between a flat and a conical. i ended up staying with flat as i had other burrs already from df64. i have ssp mp , hu, and ls v2. i abslutely love the p64. it's exactly the grinder i was looking for. clean up was easy and workflow was great. i use the portafilter straight as i didn't like the versa cup that came with it. i only use the cup when i do pourover. adjustments are easy and zero pt cal is great.

i also have a zerno z1 coming that i ordered before p64. i just got lucky with p64 with prima when they had some afew weeks ago so i pulled the trigger. was interested in the variable rpm more. but zerno has potential. we'll see once i get it.

Bastian987 (original poster)

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Got a reply: Getting both burr sets from option-o is unfortunately not possible. I will go with the SSP HU then to be on the safe side.

Bastian987 (original poster)

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To close this off: thanks a lot for all the friendly replies and the advice! Highly appreciated :) It was a close race between the key and the P64. The 3 month wait is a bit annoying, I hope the machine is worth it and pays back for the wait time with excellent espresso.