Eureka Zenith 65e or Baratza Sette 270wi

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#1: Post by lazy »

I'm selecting from Eureka zenith 65e or Baratza sette 270wi grinder for home. Both used, zenith quite heavily used and will need overhaul (full cleaning, possible new burrs, small hopper - as comes w/o it, possible few new plastic parts) and 270wi is in mint condition (maybe shim kit will be needed). All in, with possible fixes - price is similar.
What would be your choice for home from these two?
I'm using gaggia classic pro. And planing pid upgrade for it. At home we do 3-6 double shots a day


#2: Post by Bluenoser »

The Sette 270 has a very good quality grind, but it uses plastic gears that seem to have a lot of forces applied to them and many owners have experienced short longevity (2 years) before needing replacement. Baratza support is second to none, though, and usually will replace at little or no cost. I've had mine just over 2 years and I've replaced the motor/gear train.

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#3: Post by Technivormer »

I'd suggest the Eureka. It'll be quieter and has a better bar build quality. The redeeming quality of Sette would be less retention and Baratza is known for their customer service.

lazy (original poster)

#4: Post by lazy (original poster) »

Thank you for advice. If i'll be able to get few parts (buttons and plastic console) - i'll take eureka :) Burrs and hopper is not an issue :)