Eureka Specialita or wait for Baratza Vario W +?

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Hello, I'm about to get my first serious grinder, Ive been using a 60dll mr. coffee lol (Don't shame me :p), so far I've been using fine mesh strainers to compensate for the inconsistent grind size (awful lot of fines) and keeping just the coarse/medium grains since I only ever do French press, pour over or Clever dripper. But I've been able to a appreciate the impact of grind size.

Don't own an espresso machine yet (hope to get one in the future but I know the good ones are quite expensive).

I decided to wait for the vario w + (600$) that comes with the steel burrs and can be custom aligned, even tho I don't know how much of a difference it will make BUT I just found an Eureka mignon specialita for 500 us dlls, open box, new condition, which is 100dlls less than the vario w +. Now I find the Specialita really aesthetically pleasant and I just LOVE the fact that it's a quiet grinder, but I don't know if it
will deliver consistent grinding for coarser grinds against the vario w +.

Since the vario + is basically a fortified/modded vario (so it's possible that people knows how well it works), I would really appreciate some insight to be able to make an informed decision. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I should add that I'm aware that the eureka is mainly for espresso, but there are some testimony out there that says it can be good for coarser grinds as well.