Eureka Olympus KR doser model on eBay for 699 new 68mm conical

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#1: Post by shalenkur »

Thought I would share this great deal on ebay from Seattle Coffee Gear in case anyone is looking for a 68mm conical :D. It's a doser model but the same grinder is 1299 on Amazon. I ordered one today, as of tonight there are 4 left.


#2: Post by GeorgeP922 »

First, this should maybe should be in Grinder section. I had wanted to post about this when it hit 1K on the SCG site.
SCG is the only vendor who has it, thats them on ebay and amazon. It was already a good deal, I can't say no to 700, that Minjon territory.

It's awesome someone on this board has bought the Eureka Conical, there still is no review or opinion by any owners. The manager there assured me they sold plenty to cafes.
I love my Compak but fail to realize why it costs 1K more then Eureka with or without doser.

As to the doser model, the only downside I see is is the post in the middle comes up almost to the top blocking access to the chute.
I am not sure if it is possible to get the coffee out of there like we do on our Compaks and Mazzers.
There is also the autofill flap that might be in the way. Not hard to delete it I assume, but I might not bother.
Anyways if I order this grinder today, they are 2 things I know I will have to settle for.

Don't forget to get a timer, as I don't see any gralab timer on ebay, the one from Auber seems really good.

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shalenkur (original poster)

#3: Post by shalenkur (original poster) »

Oops I thought I was putting this in the grinder section. Anyhoo, I may try to convert it to doserless and I do need a timer because they say it's fast like 3ish seconds for 16 grams. Is there a timer that works in .1 second increments anyone knows of? I'll check in the auber timer also

shalenkur (original poster)

#4: Post by shalenkur (original poster) »

Yesterday it said there was 4 left now it says 12. This same grinder is $1949 today on Amazon from Seattle coffee gear (same seller as on eBay). I know everyone wants on demand doserless anymore but at this price it's worth buying a timer and maybe converting to doserless which I may attempt as I did order one.

Not sure why the huge price difference....


#5: Post by MemPast »

I got one, too, thanks to your post. My biggest issue would be the doser. Wish to find out a clean way to convert it to doserless.


#6: Post by GeorgeP922 »

So I bought it, again thanks for the heads up. I got in chrome, no extra charge! 740 after stupid taxes. Lets keep this in perspective, a new Compak K10 PB (doser) costs 2100, thats 3x more. Its obvious SCG is discontinuing the KR, I just hope they keep on the KRE.
I hope Eureka stays in the conical game and sticks it to Mazzer, Ceado and my beloved Compak. They charge way too much for conical machines.
I do honestly fear the demise of conicals and dosers. Like my stick shift car and my lovely Panasonic plasma TV, sometimes the "mass market" just won't abide to things that are better. The only thing I think will save conical is the SSP company. They need to make the 68mm blind redspeed. You also cant go wrong with a hybrid, people like the best of both worlds.

As to the speed, I think it will be as fast as the K10. In 4.4 sec my grinder make 18-20 grams. The KR seems a hair faster per the SCG video.
As to the timer I only know of two options that are off the shelf. The Gralab 450 (what I use now), last I looked I saw nothing on Ebay, only downside it is tenths of a second, and you only get one dose setting at a time. The Auber goes to the hundredth of a second and has 2 dose time buttons and a manual dose button which you have to hold down making it worthless for a grind adjustment.

Its your machine, you got it cheap so do as you wish, I however will advise against trying to convert it to doserless. If you don't mind light fabrication, figuring out how to delete the autofill trigger(see guides to on Mazzers) you should be fine.
I personally like using a doser, first I am used to it, second I find it more clean, third I feel it knocks out static completely and does good work on any clumps, fourth I find it condusive to single dosing.
Lastly if my predictions come true and in 10 years dosers on quality machines and conical burrs might very well be gone.
I guess if the Eureka can hold its value like a K10 or Robur, I dont see why a good condition model wouldnt get 500 easily. Maybe you get the same resale with it hacked up, I could be wrong.

Anyways, anything comes up when you get yours feel free to PM me. You are the only other person on the internet I seen who has one!
Elite exclusive grinder lol, I love it.

shalenkur (original poster)

#7: Post by shalenkur (original poster) »

Glad to see someone else get one. I actually am still using a doser grinder (MDX) daily. I thought I was the only one still "thwacking" anymore LOL!
Can't wait to try the KR....

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shalenkur (original poster)

#8: Post by shalenkur (original poster) »

Thanks for the Auber link.


#9: Post by MemPast »

I had a La Pavoni Zip grinder. I used it with the doser alright, given the Chute was exposed and big, and I can easily brush it. Also, the coffee I used does not cling all over the doser--no static. Will see how convenient is the Eureka's doser.

shalenkur (original poster)

#10: Post by shalenkur (original poster) »

Well I got it yesterday and put it to work. Very happy with the grind, much more "fluffy" than the old MDX I've been using and very fast! Coffee tastes different too, more complex chocolatey taste. The MDX seems flatter in flavor notes but it is running on old burrs. Also I'm not getting any spritzers through the bottom of basket like I was before.

This grinder is very solidly built. The doser is metal! But it doesn't sweep very clean which is annoying. Also because of the retention my first shot wasn't ideal this morning. The way the doser is designed it's not possible to access the chute.

Overall I'm very happy with the grinder, I've never had a big conical before.