Eureka Olympus 75 E or Ceado E37S

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Hello everyone,

New to the wonderful espresso world. After spending countless hours researching and starting with a $1K budget, ended up deciding on an ECM Synchronika.

Now I need to make a decision on a grinder. I am going between the Ceado E37S and Eureka 75. Price difference is about $320 USD.

It is for home use. Me and my wife. She likes very light milky drinks. We will be brewing about 6-8 cups a day. A machine that is good at single dosing will be nice.

What machine do you recommend and why? I would say the important factors will be (not in a specific order, please add if I am forgetting something)

Taste of coffee
Consistent measurement(Sorry, probably using wrong terminology)
Ease of use
Ease of maintenance
Durability and warrants
Singe dosing capability

Thanks in advance.


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Eureka is substantial.

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I would pair the ECM Synchronica with Ceado E37S. It is built like a tank, super quiet, no clumpingm fluffy grinds, and very low retention and easy to single dose. The quick set gear worm makes dialing in a breeze.

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#4: Post by IamOiman »

I have the Eureka Olympus.

I paired it with my Bosco for all of my doubles. I cannot compare directly to the Ceado but here are my thoughts on the Olympus.

It is extremelly fast in grind speed, able to spit out a double (14-16g) in 2.5 seconds. The grounds are so fluffly I am considering purchasing a basket funnel to prevent too many grounds from spilling over. Clumps are a very rare sight, and a light tap from the tamper usually breaks up any existing ones. The grinds are very consistent, though when I first received it used I aligned the burrs myself using the paper shim method just to be sure. Grind retention for me usually varies from 1-3g so when I have not used the grinder for over 30 minutes I do a half second purge. It can single dose but I do not recommend it. The knob is quite easy to adjust, though small turns will create large changes in grind fineness so pay a little more attention to the notches on the knob.

Compared to my Lido E it can produce very similar if not identical shots. I use my Lido E for singles as I do not want to waste coffee purging for only 7.5g of coffee.

The only negative thing I can think of is if you want to access the grind chute/electronics you need to peel off the Eureka logo on it which you may damage in the process.
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#5: Post by redbone »

Both grinders will give you great results so other factors have to come in play. Based on footprint and retention the Ceado E37S lends itself a better option for pro-sumer home use.
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