Eureka Mignon XL -- any USA Reseller going to sell this?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by Livin »

I would just buy it from Italy but I'm not too keen on having to ship from US to Italy if there are any warranty issues.

Anyone have insight?


#2: Post by tglodjo »

The only two I've confirmed in North America are Cafe Last in Florida and iDrinkCoffee in Canada. SCG, Clive, and WLL told me they were going to consider it. Granted, this is based on emails a month and a half old. I went ahead and bought from ECS in Italy since the failure rate on Eureka grinders seems pretty low. Service was great. Shipping was super fast. Love the XL and have no regrets selling my Niche to buy it :P

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#3: Post by bonjing » replying to tglodjo »

How are you liking it compared to the Niche? I'm thinking of buying one to use for my all around grinder instead of the Mignon Brew Pro; used from moka up to French and everything else in between.


#4: Post by tglodjo »

Love the XL, but I definitely wouldn't get one to be an all-methods grinder. The Niche works better for that--though I did get tired of muddy manual brews. That's what ultimately pushed me to go back to espresso-only and manual brew grinders. In terms of espresso, I prefer the flat burrs on the XL, and being able to go between single-dosing and grind-on-demand is a major plus. I thought I could ride out the Niche's SD-only approach, but my spouse eventually tired of it. Never got a chance to do a side-by-side, but I don't regret selling the Niche for the XL since I am more than pleased with it's single-dosing performance as well.

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#5: Post by walr00s » replying to tglodjo »

Have you modded it at all for SD or are you using the hopper?


#6: Post by dreadnatty08 »

Seattle Coffee Gear just posted a sneak peak video so looks like they'll definitely be stocking it soon. I second the ECS recommendation for both money savings and fast shipping if you don't want to wait.


#7: Post by tglodjo »

walr00s wrote:Have you modded it at all for SD or are you using the hopper?
Nope. Just using it as it came out of the box. Retention (without considering exchange) is really low. If I put 18g in, I get 17.9-18.1g out. Eureka advertises .2g, but it's usually .1g for me. That said, I don't know how much exchange is happening in that measurement. It's definitely not enough for me to care though as I'm pretty sure it's minimal. I've knocked the grinder around after grinds settle and rarely get anything to fall out of the chute. I'd get more from my Niche after settling than I do with the XL. Entirely anecdotal though. My only complaint with SD'ing is that debris still finds its way out of the hopper somehow. Popcorning isn't bad if you use the hopper stopper, but there'll still be small grinds I have to sweep off the top of the case.

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#8: Post by Castillo2001 » has them in stock. I ordered one and it should be here in the next few days. I almost ordered from ECS but they didnt have it in black any more and the Cafelast had it the next day, plus I was nervous about ordering it from Italy. Slowly upgrading from my current Breville Barista Pro.


#9: Post by coffeechan »

Got the e-mail this morning indicating that the Mignon XL Oro has dropped. ... so-grinder


#10: Post by GeorgeP922 »

Traditionally the Mignon as cute as it is (esp in orange) is too small for my taste but I still have respect for it. One of the few grinders less then 1K I can recommend.

What gets me with the new one is it is a 200$ premium for the bigger burrs and the exclusivity of being in the new Oro line. Personally I think they need to discontinue the 55 or reduce it's price 100$.
Unless you are head over heels in love with the design or size I would have a hard time picking between this and the Atom 65 for 100 more.
The XL is running a few more watts then the 55 (280 vs 320 I think) but the Atom is running an 800 watt motor. However the Mignon apparently has the diamond inside burrs where as the Atom/Olympus do not. I haven't seen anyone evaluate Diamond inside vs Ti and Redspeed.

I believe the Mignon has a better reputation for retention then the Atom or Olympus.
If I was rich I would get one just to look funny next to my titan grinders.